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Setlist from last night (05 February)

Setlist from last night (05 February)
February 06, 2021 04:08PM
A full, rich set, including a full-block tribute to drummer Cliff Martinez.

"Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio?" – The Ramones
"What's That Got to Do with Rock & Roll?" – Sylvain Sylvain (R.I.P.)
"Rock & Roll Suspension" – Missing Persons
"Rock & Roll Star" – Oasis

"Bullet in the Mattress" – The Gadjits
"You Won't Be Happy" – Paul Collins' Beat
"Where Mountains Drink the Wine" – Barb Wire Dolls
"Can't Break Me Down" – Billy Idol

"Light Up the Fire" – Cheap Trick
"Hard to Look Away" – Walking Papers (for Duff McKagan's birthday)
"Trevor" – Senseless Things (R.I.P. Mark Keds)
"No Respect" – Extreme (by request)

"Live As Long As" – Omega
"Hotel Room" – Beige Banquet
"Beneath the Flowers and the Clovers" – Strange Passage
"Now I'm Here" – Queen

"Another Hit of Showmanship" – The Struts (by request)
"Still Get By" – The Long Ryders (R.I.P. bassist Tom Stevens)
"Why Should I Care" – Beck, Bogert, Appice (R.I.P. Tim Bogert)
"Caskets Full" – The Flatliners (by request)

"We Got the Neutron Bomb" – The Weirdos
"The Past Sure Is Tense" – Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band
"Killer Klowns from Outer Space" – The Dickies
"American Ghost Dance" – The Red Hot Chili Peppers

"Hang On to Yourself" – Let It Burn
"Mouthful of Blood" – Juliana Hatfield
"As You Start Leaving" – Swingin' Utters (by request)
"Branque" – Bantam Lyons

"Rock n' Roll Junkie" – Motley Crue
"The Evil Powers of Rock 'n' Roll" – Supersuckers
"Rock 'n' Roll Damnation" – AC/DC
"Rock 'n' Roll" – Motörhead
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Re: Setlist from last night (05 February)
February 07, 2021 08:22PM
I just realized Deputy Dave Hanson is Silas Bunch from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
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Re: Setlist from last night (05 February)
February 08, 2021 01:06PM
I'm working on my annual "Bands of Brothers" show, and I realized that Men Without Hats qualifies.
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