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WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.12

WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.12
January 12, 2021 06:15PM
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.12
January 13, 2021 12:06AM
0101 Tamar Aphek - Russian Winter
0102 Classic Yellow - Shark in the Liffey

0201 Ricky - Escape Artist
0202 Calyx - Leslie Plain and Strong

0301 The Sonder Bombs - "k"
0302 HOLY FIGURES - Beatrice

0401 TV Priest - Press Gang
0402 Radical Face - The River With No Name

0501 Sun June - Everything I Had
0502 Rosehip Teahouse - Summer Sleep

0601 RAW PLASTIC - Car Parks and Recreation
0602 Waltzer - Lantern

0701 The Hold Steady - Heavy Covenant
0702 Cassandra Jenkins - Michelangelo

0801 Viagra Boys - Girls & Boys
0802 Bell Orchestre - Movement

0901 Here Lies Man - Collector of Vanities
0902 The Weather Station - Atlantic

1001 Lost Horizons - In Quiet Moments (feat. Ural Thomas)
1002 Kumi Takahara - Tide

1101 The Luxembourg Signal - Mourning Moon
1102 Stranded - Cherry Fortune

1201 London Grammar - Lose Your Head
1202 Molly Burch - Emotion (feat. Wild Nothing)

1301 DARKSIDE - Liberty Bell
1302 La Dispute - Fifteen

1401 The Vaughns - Raina
1402 Big Muff Radio - Suspicious Vehicle

1501 Rhye - Come In Closer

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Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.12
January 13, 2021 05:32PM
As usual, I checked out a few.

TV Priest - Very interesting, though I've heard them before. A reminder that I want to check them out further.

Here Lies Man - Reminds me of early BOC. Just has a similar feel if not sound. I liked it!

London Grammar - Beautiful! Her voice reminds me of someone else, but I can't place it.
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Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.12
January 14, 2021 12:03PM
There’s so many great new post punk bands coming down the pike, and TV Priest is certainly a standout. Is this the NWOBPP we’ve been waiting for? smiling bouncing smiley

Definitely getting a Black Sabbath/BOC vibe from Here Lies Man, but with a groove that’s not readily apparent in either. Drummer Geoff Mann is apparently the son of Herbie Mann. cool smiley

I thought London Grammar was Christine + the Queens for the longest time, but that’s just me and how I hear things... winking smiley
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.12
January 14, 2021 02:00PM
801, check your PM!
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.12
January 14, 2021 04:34PM
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.12
January 14, 2021 04:47PM
Loved the Show, 801

Lots of great music. I'll agree that Here Lies Man is a highlight, and I do see the BOC vibe (more than Black Sabbath in fact). Also very good among the newcomers were The Sonder Bombs and the Luxembourg Signal (did you play something else by them a few weeks back; the name does ring a bell). That TV Priest album sounds like a winner, and I like the new songs from London Grammar, The Weather Station and Rosehip Teahouse, all of which I was already familiar with (the last two, thanks to you).
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.12
January 15, 2021 09:23PM
Yup - The Luxembourg Signal got their first airing last week. I look forward to hearing more from them...

TV Priest’s debut can’t get here soon enough- only a couple more weeks to go...
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