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WSLR's InTransition: 2020.12.29

WSLR's InTransition: 2020.12.29
December 30, 2020 08:32AM
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.12.29
December 30, 2020 08:34AM
0101 Chubby and the Gang - All Along the Uxbridge Road
0102 The Chats - AC/DC CD

0201 MeteorEYES - Slanky
0202 Albertine Sarges - The Girls

0301 awakebutstillinbed - beauty
0302 Midlight - Sink to the Level

0401 Rachel Aucoin - Something Is Creepy
0402 Do Nothing - Glueland

0501 Iggy Pop - Dirty Little Virus
0502 Moor Mother & billy woods - Furies

0601 The Chills - You're Immortal
0602 Lisel - Inflate (feat. Daniel Wohl)

0701 Lande Hekt - December
0702 The Besnard Lakes - Raindrops

0801 Casper Clausen - Ocean Wave

0901 Dazy - Passing Ways
0902 Heart Shaped - Sometimes


1101 mimete - milk & water
1102 SPC ECO - A Little Too Much

1201 Witch Egg - City Maggot
1202 KELSEY LU & YVES TUMOR - let all the poisons that lurk in the mud seep out

1301 Marquis Drive - Spaceman
1302 The Notwist - Sans Soleil

1401 Beach Riot - Blush
1402 Burial - Chemz

1501 Black Dresses - WORLD PEACE (ft. ESPer99)
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.12.29
December 31, 2020 03:07PM
Finishing the year in beauty, 801.

Although I must confess I didn't care much for the last three tracks - too much pointless dissonance and electronic musings, but that's just my personal taste. The rest of the show was as excellent as always, though.

The highlights were some of the veterans, with Lande Hekt, The Chills and Besnard Lakes shining bright. Iggy Pop's track is not bad musically speaking, although I'm not sure how much anyone will want to return to listen to "pandemic rock" in a couple years' time. On the new comer front, I'll highlight that great bass work in Rachel Aucoin's number, as well as Dazy, Heart Shaped and The Notwish.

Here's wishing for more great new music in 2021.
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.12.29
January 02, 2021 07:13PM
Thank you kindly, Philippe.

2020 was one helluva ride and now that it’s over, I can’t wait for what 2021 has in store...stay tuned! winking smiley
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