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Re: my 2020 top 10 (etc.) list

my 2020 top 10 (etc.) list
December 23, 2020 04:04PM
Here's my best-of-2020 music list: [www.gaycitynews.com]. I've made a Spotify playlist to go along with it, [open.spotify.com].
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Re: my 2020 top 10 (etc.) list
December 23, 2020 07:40PM
Thank you for a great set of year-end lists, steevee!
Re: my 2020 top 10 (etc.) list
December 23, 2020 08:54PM
I am familiar with Backxwash - award-winning Backxwash, as she has already won the Polaris Prize in Canada.

However, I think licensing issues are preventing a lot of people from finding out about her.

Thanks, by the way, for including country - I loved Pam Tillis' album (not on your list).

I'm frankly just happy for any year-end best of that includes RTJ, if not Midnight Oil (their best album in years) or Fontaines D.C. (they're 2-for-2, AFAIC.)
Re: my 2020 top 10 (etc.) list
December 23, 2020 09:08PM
I've wondered if Backxwash is gonna get sued by Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath for using blatant uncleared samples, as the Polaris Prize win raised her profile. Her music is unavailable on streaming services right now, and she's not charging money to download GOD HAS NOTHING... on Bandcamp. But her music relies so much on samples that I wonder how she can go forward without a much bigger budget for licensing.
Re: my 2020 top 10 (etc.) list
December 23, 2020 11:27PM
This is the first year in at least a decade that I did not have to do a top 10 list. I can’t tell you how relieved I am about that.
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Re: my 2020 top 10 (etc.) list
December 28, 2020 05:46PM
If Backxwash gets popular enough, she could do what The Avalanches did when copyright law meant they had to change the way they go about their business: just get a heap of special guests in.
Re: Best of 2020 (etc.) list
February 20, 2021 11:40PM
Ten Albums
...aYWKUbtToD - X: The Godless Void
Best Coast - Always Tomorrow
Grimes - Miss Anthropocene
Magnetic Fields - Quickies
Bob Mould - Blue Hearts
Jeff Rosenstock - No Dream
Katie von Schleicher - Consummation
TV Freaks - People
White Denim - The World as a Waiting Room
X - Alphabetland

Five from Standard Gods [& Suggested Track]
Green Day - Father of All Motherfuckers [I Was a Teenage Teenager]
Thurston Moore - By the Fire [Cantaloupe]
Morrissey - I am not a Dog on a Chain [Bobby Don't You Think]
Mountain Goats - Knives [Rat Queen]
Tame Impala - Slow Rush [Borderline]

15 Must-Hear Tracks/Other Artists
Fiona Apple - I Want You to Love Me
Bartees Strange - Mustang
Car Seat Headrest - Martin
Deerhoof - Sympathy for the Baby Boo
EOB - Shangri-La
GBV - Thank You Jane
Gum Country - Pills
Hum - Waves
No Age - War Dance
Psychedelic Furs - Come All Ye Faithful
Public Enemy + George Clinton + Cypress Hill - GRID>State of the Union
Real Estate - Silent World
RBCF - Falling Thunder
Tennis - Echoes
Wire - Off the Beach

Best EP
Damned - Rockfield
--runner up--
PUP - This Place Sucks Ass

Best Live
Live Drugs

Archival Release
Mats - Pleased Box

Archival Live
Hendrix in Maui

Least Likely Archical Release
Oasis - Don't Stop...

5 Videos
...aYWKUbtToD - Into the Godless Void
Crack Cloud - Tunnel Vision
Caleb Landry Jones - Flag Day>Mother Stone
Sparks - Existential Threat
Viagra Boys- Ain't Nice

Best Potential/Newcomer
Gum Country

Best Covers Project
BTS plays Daniel Johnston

Worst Song, Made Ironic

Best Can't Tell if Terrible or Genius
Caleb Landry Jones - Mother Stone

I like my empty life but dang
I want to join a biker gang
So let my wife and children hang
I will be known henceforth as Fang

Put your fucking iPhone down and listen to me

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