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December 18, 2020 02:50PM
Thank you to Brad Reno for his recent addition to the review section of Goldfrapp. "Felt Mountain" and "Seventh Tree" are two of my favorite albums and it is nice to have an overview of their work added to the site. I haven't checked out their most recent release but from Brad's review it sounds like they are still maintaining a high standard. Off to Spotify to give it a listen.
Re: Goldfrapp
December 18, 2020 03:03PM
The new one's quite good.

I'm more into the records you mentioned and haven't delved into their more dance-oriented stuff, but mean to get to it eventually.
Re: Goldfrapp
December 19, 2020 11:17AM
"Felt Mountain" is one of the rare "modern" albums that seems striving for an early Associates standard that's breathtakingly cinematic and Barry-esque. I like everything by the band but that first album was the absolute classic. They do sprawl admirably. Their trash disco phase is a barn-burner, invariably. But I did not buy the ONJ-esque "Head First," though! I have my limits.

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Re: Goldfrapp
December 21, 2020 11:03PM
I shared with a friend who is a big Goldfrapp fan (and not coincidentally, a big fancier of Alison Goldfrapp.) He disagreed with some of the takes but was deeply grateful for the coverage and attention paid to the band.
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