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Green Pajamas

Green Pajamas
October 15, 2020 09:37PM
This is mostly for Michael Toland, but all are welcome!

I was in a little chat on Facebook with Mary Lou Lord, and she was sharing her past version of "She's Still Bewitching Me," with the Salem witch connection, and I was thinking about Green Pajamas. Like, where do you start with a band like that? I have the Through Glass Colored Roses compilation and it's wonderful, but I don't even know where to dig into such a daunting back catalogue. Toland, your writeup is so comprehensive and I know that it omits ... what, dozens of records?

Re: Green Pajamas
October 16, 2020 09:51AM
Yeah, the problem with somebody as prolific as Jeff Kelly is that the longer I wait to update the GP entry, the more daunting it becomes. Between the PJs, Kelly solo records, and side projects, there are over a dozen albums I need to fold in.

Where to start: that comp gives you a pretty good overview. As far as single album, I'd recommend Ghosts of Love, All Clues Lead to Meagan's Bed (the recent reissue of which I wrote the liner notes for) or any of the Northern Gothic albums (of which there are now three, the third one being their most recent album). I'm also quite fond of This is Where We Disappear. There's also the studio/live retrospective Ten White Stones, which is stripped down for them, but also a good overview.

The PJs no longer perform live, and the studio records had evolved into being mainly Kelly alone with the others contributing here and there, so I think that aspect of Kelly's output may slow down. But who knows?
Re: Green Pajamas
October 17, 2020 12:50PM
Thanks Toland! The stuff is spectacularly expensive on Bandcamp; either very limited editions or sold out. It does all seem to go on Spotify but I try to support the artists where possible, so I looked on Bandcamp first. Weirdly there is a "buy entire digital discography" option on Bandcamp that is.... literally... $544 dollars or something like that.
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