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Setlist from last night (25 September)

Setlist from last night (25 September)
September 26, 2020 01:47AM
Last night's show included a block to commemorate Don Fleming's birthday.

"Life Begins at the Hop" - XTC (by request)
"Rules Don't Stop" - We Are Scientists
"Fireworks" - Siouxsie & the Banshees (for Steve Severin's birthday)
"Like an Animal" - The Glove (likewise)

"For What It's Worth" - Placebo (for drummer Steve Forrest's birthday)
"Hanging on the Telephone" - The Nerves
"Hollow Horse" - The Icicle Works
"The World's Gone Insane" - The Empty Hearts

"Car Trouble" - Adam & the Ants
"Girl U Want" - Devo (by request)
"Skeletons" - Snake Eyes
"If You Really Love Nothing" - Interpol (for guitarist Daniel Kessler's birthday)

"Chinese Whispers" - New Model Army (by request)
"From Nothing to Abundance" - The Blinders
"Teenage Wildlife" - Ash

"Twilight" - U2
"Empty Cell" - Rusty (by request)
"7 Seconds" - Porridge Radio
"Cling Wrap" - Smarts

"The Stand" - The Alarm
"Uniform" - Obscura Hail
"Smile and Wave" - Headstones (by request)
"Scared to Dance" - Skids

"Accelerator" - Gumball
"Everything Is Right" - Velvet Monkeys
"All My Witches Come True" - Dim Stars
"Slow Down" - The Backbeat Band

"Electric War" - Osees
"The Knife" - Saint Severin
"Insanely Jealous" - The Soft Boys
"Reggae Reggae" - The Real Kids
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