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Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers
June 29, 2020 03:16PM
So i listened to her for the first time today -- great production on her records, engaging voice neatly double-tracked. She sounds like a midpoint between Mary Lou Lord and Bon Iver (or maybe Mark Kozelek). Are people here fans or is she just for Billie Eilish tweens?
Re: Phoebe Bridgers
June 29, 2020 03:24PM
I've only listened to her album twice, but "I Know the End" really stands as out a vision of pop culture apocalypse. (It's kin to Lana del Rey's "The Greatest.")
Re: Phoebe Bridgers
June 29, 2020 05:40PM
Of course Mary Lou loves her, and you have this charming little chat in her Facebook page about this. I heard about Phoebe first from MLL on her Facebook page and immediately saw a connection. (I have been a Mary Lou Lord fan for many years; she was supposed to have sung at my wedding, but it sadly was in a period in her life when she needed treatment for alcohol problems and ended up missing it.)
Re: Phoebe Bridgers
June 29, 2020 07:50PM
no she's real and where i live the vinyl-heads buy the shit out of her LPs plus her 'better oblivion community center' & 'boygenius' collabs. They also buy all the other more recent indie-gals like Soccer Mommy, Julien Baker, Jay Som, Mitski, Lucy Dacus, Japanese Breakfast, Snail Mail, Mothers & Courtney Barnett; most of them have no clue what kind of debt they owe Liz Phair et al
Re: Phoebe Bridgers
June 29, 2020 08:36PM
I listen to the npr podcast ‘all songs considered’ now and then to get a feel for new material that’s being released. If Phoebe Bridgers cracked her knuckles and recorded it, they’d discuss it lovingly. They’ve been championing her since day one...and I’m pretty certain no tweens are listening to npr podcasts!
Re: Phoebe Bridgers
July 13, 2020 12:40AM
Denise and I were in early on Phoebe, since she used to busk at our local Farmer's Market in Pasadena. The first time we saw her she was tentatively putting out her guitar case. Who knows, could've been her first time doing it. She did Dylan and Neil Young covers. No originals. She was haunting and engaging from the getgo. Denise asked her who she was. She said, "Phoebe" and Denise said, "I like that." She said, "I like it, too." A few months later, we heard her do something we didn't know that sounded like it could've been an original. Denise asked her if it if was and said, "It's really good." She nodded her head. I guess she quickly gained confidence once she started doing it. In late 2013 or early '14 she disappeared, then returned a while later and Denise asked her where she'd been. She told us about her Apple ad and that she'd been gigging around town. To the best of my recollection, she did the Farmer's Market a couple more times after that and went on her merry way.
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