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Setlist from last Friday (29 May)

Setlist from last Friday (29 May)
June 01, 2020 06:42PM
KSER-FM has been operating remotely for the past three months, during the CoVid crisis. Several of its DJs (including yours truly) have recorded their show's content in advance, to be uploaded to the automated playback system. Here's the most recent one:

"Bad Motor Scooter" - Montrose
"Bad News Travels Fast" - The Fuzztones
"Bad Head" - Blur
"Bad Reputation" [live] - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

"Give It Till You've Lost It" - Head Cleaner (by request)
"Have Love Will Travel" - The Sonics (by request)
"Pictures of Matchstick Men" - Status Quo (for singer Francis Rossi's birthday)
"Sister Seagull" - Be Bop Deluxe
"Ain't This the Life" [live] - Oingo Boingo (for Danny Elfman's birthday)

"Love Is Noise" - The Verve (for bassist Simon Jones' birthday)
"Vanishing Girl" - The Dukes of Stratosphear (by request)
"The First Conversation We Ever Had" - Neil's Children
"Eyes Wide Open" - Radio 4

"Alphabetland" - X
"Strange" - R.E.M.
"Rolling 7s" - Dirty Honey (by request)
"She Don't Know Why I'm Here" - The Last

"Black and White Sunshine" - Noel Gallagher's High-Flying Birds (for Noel's birthday)
"Spoilt Victorian Child" - The Fall (for bassist Steve Hanlon's birthday)
"Waterfront" - Simple Minds (for drummer Mel Gaynor's birthday)

"10 Years After World War IV" - Man or Astro-Man?
"Jack Names the Planets" - Ash
"Queen Bitch" - David Bowie
"King of the Kerb" - Echobelly
"Ace of Spades" - Motörhead

"Mercedes Marxist" - Idles
"Mars Is for Martians" - The Boss Martians (with Iggy Pop)
"Nuclear Nights" - The Vapors

"Transit to Venus" - Devilwood
"Subway to Venus" - The Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Big Eyed Beans from Venus" - Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band
"53 Miles West of Venus" - The B-52's

Since I'm seeing a few new names here (and a big hearty welcome to every one of you!), please indulge me while I state that the show in question is "Twenty Flight Rock." It airs every Friday at 8:30PM Pacific time, and streams live on www.kser.org

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Re: Setlist from last Friday (29 May)
June 01, 2020 08:19PM
Ah the world’s back to normal...TP is back and another good delvin setlist. Ok Ok so maybe the world’s pretty far from normal right now, but you know what I mean...!

Is the live Oingo Boingo from the ‘urgh a music war’ lp? I’ve been revisiting that double album a lot lately. Getting that collection as a young teen was my gateway for so many artists, everything from skafish to the cramps.

(Still have never seen the film!)
Re: Setlist from last Friday (29 May)
June 01, 2020 08:37PM
Thank you for the kind words, Bip. Yep, the Oingo Boingo and Joan Jett selections both were taken from the Urgh! soundtrack. (DVDs of the film are available on Amazon.)
Re: Setlist from last Friday (29 May)
June 01, 2020 10:14PM
Oh man, never seen “Urgh”? You def gotta check it out - some performances were really enhanced by the visuals. Clearly the filmmakers chose some songs for the visual/theatrical appeal as much as the music (Gary Numan driving around a little car whilst performing, Lux Interior deep-throating the mic, and the Surf Punks elaborate on-stage skateboard park all pop to mind).
Re: Setlist from last Friday (29 May)
June 01, 2020 10:19PM
Oh, and Delvin, let me know if you or your fellows DJs at your station would like to do your shows live from your homes. WFMU has a platoon of engineering whizzes who can hep you to the scene. I have friends who would be happy to help a volunteer fellow-freeformer. As I’m sure you know, live radio can be the most satisfying way to go, for both DJ and audience.
Re: Setlist from last Friday (29 May)
June 02, 2020 09:06AM
I miss these lists if for no other reason to point out every time you play Be Bop Deluxe. As an amateur guitarist hacking away at songs alone in my room, "Sister Seagull" is probably one the I've butchered the most over the years.
Re: Setlist from last Friday (29 May)
June 03, 2020 10:35AM
This has been one of my go-to's the past few weeks. Really liked the Eno/Roxy Music special a couple weeks ago. (That should still be on the archive.)

As for The Fall track - if you're not listening too carefully, the chorus sounds like something else.
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