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in need of help- JOHN PEEL

in need of help- JOHN PEEL
September 06, 2006 09:10PM
Hello- I used to record John Peel's show in the early 80's (bet that makes me unique) in 1980 or 1981 (1982 at a push)- he played Frantic Elevators 'searching for the only one' and Killing Joke 'Complications' on this particular show.
This is a long shot but....I am interested in another song he played that night
I taped the show, but missed the title due to enthusiatic use of the pause button. I have long chewed the tape.
The song had a one note bass line; drums maybe 60bpm; a bit of keyboard going on; vocals- very stylised, a bit like (and this sounds terrible) Spandau Ballet. The segment of lyric I can remember goes 'I'M THE ONE YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR, (repeat,repaet)' and it ends with the repeated phrase 'YOU'RE LOOKING FOR, YOU'RE LOOKING FOR, YOU'RE LOOKING FOR'.
I am aware this sounds awful- but I'd like to find out if they (whoever they are) made it and if this (trust me) great song is available.

Re: in need of help- JOHN PEEL
September 07, 2006 12:12AM
This guy might know, he seems to be quite the obsessive Peel fan:

And he's got three Viv Stanshall performances for download!
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