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Re: Help!! OLD SKULL

December 01, 2003 08:36PM
Hi. There was a group of young boys called OLD SKULL and Ive seen a copy of their record. They look reallllly cute!!!! but I dont know what their music sounds like. Does anyone know where i can get a sample of their songs on-line? Are they any good? Can i buy their LPs anywhere or just on CD? Thanks!!!! smiling smiley
Re: Help!! OLD SKULL
December 01, 2003 09:34PM
Find out about Old Skull right here at TrouserPress.Com. Ira himself wrote the review of their debut album. They also have a follow-up called CIA DRUG TEST that they recorded at the ripe old age of twelve. Both albums were released on CD, and I'm sure you could find some copies if you look around hard enough (ebay and the like). Keep in mind that their music sucked--as you would expect from 9-year-olds interpreting '80s hardcore punk--but it does hold a vaguely novel charm. But hey, if you think they're cute, none of that matters anyway....

Re: Help!! OLD SKULL
December 01, 2003 11:00PM
Thanks, floyd. I did read the article but cant find any music. Does anyone know where i can download a song or two of theirs? Like i said, I have seen an album jacket and theyre cuuute, yeh, but i dont wan't to spend alot of money if I wont like their music cuz i,m just a kid too. thankssmiling smiley

Jimmy V. (JV)
Re: Help!! OLD SKULL
December 07, 2003 08:39PM
Soulseek is where i go to download any bootlegged or hard to find material. and if Old Skull doesn't appear immediatley, you can put it on a wishlist and Soulseek will let you know when it does appear. website: [www.slsknet.org]
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