good quotes from last week
May 03, 2018 01:53PM
My memory isn't what it used to be so these are paraphrased:

"You may not know this but I've got a new album out. So, I'm going to play a bunch of songs from it. I'll also play some other songs you're probably not familiar with. I know, I know, you want to hear the hits. I remember when I saw David Bowie on the Heroes tour and I kept thinking I hope he plays some of the old songs."
-Wreckless Eric

"I can't see you because of the lights but I imagine the most of you are as old as me. That is, pretty old. If they are any children in the audience, thanks for bringing your parents."
-Robyn Hitchcock

Re: good quotes from last week
May 03, 2018 03:02PM
I was terrified one of these would be from Kanye West (who needs a ghostwriter for his interviews, if that's humanly possible.)
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