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I wanna be adored

I wanna be adored
August 22, 2004 12:07PM
Dear Germs and Gals:

For a huge piece on Clevo and 70's--30,000 words in Perfect Sound Forever's November issue--I am compiling comments, reactions, definitions, love letters, eyewitness, influence upon thoughts re the connected, sort of, arc, from
Pere Ubu
Human Switchboard

Any direction, length--it's the Internet!!!--and point of view is welcome, and with comments you should provide a BRIEF bio with link(s) to yr wares, loves, or outer space.

These will be at the end--there already is a huge section--and i am looking for some non buckeyes, minimally.

I THINK you can simply direct comments direct to me e-mail

or here, i guess, with IR's OK.

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