HOLE official fan club site
August 21, 2004 05:00AM
Due to the recent attempts by both the commercial airlines airborne bartending staff and local elected public servants alike to forceably chain and bind Ms Love against her will, I hereby dedicate this space and the necessary spaces that follow, to her and her adoring fans.
Re: HOLE official fan club site
August 21, 2004 10:17AM
because of my of pseudo-existential angst, the perpetual hudson river ennui, and painful heel spurs, i sometimes get obsessed for 24-36 hours with one song; not academically, thank god and of course, but aurally and orally, until ears bleed and eyes dry. EG, last couple of weeks they included City Slang, by Sonic Rendevous, JD's Warsaw, and Cale's Amsterdam.

Moi pointe, sil vous plait?

I think Hole's Live Though This's Violet was the one for the longest. It screams at me, one above and one below, so, get stupid drunk, make lame (and limp) BJ jokes re KC, steal from billionaire dave grohl, and F@@@ yr daughter up, you plastic surgically disrepaired mutant of bad taste.

that song has a big pair of brass ones.
Re: HOLE official fan club site
August 22, 2004 02:57AM
Review Sonic Youth's Year Punk Broke video for Courtney's place.

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