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The Continuity Factor

The Continuity Factor
June 29, 2006 09:31PM
You're part way through a classic. There's a completely inaccessible track coming. You listen out of continuity, respect. But, every time, it pisses your wife/girlfriend off. She cringes when this tracks comes up and always FF's (cuz u r in the car).
What do you do?

Candidates are::

Stooges - LA Blues
VU - Heroin

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Re: The Continuity Factor
June 29, 2006 11:54PM
Skip "LA Blues" since it's the closer and the album ends with "Funhouse" well enough.....As for "Heroin" , I just tell her not to let the door hit her on the way out and maybe just chime in that I'm not sure what I saw in her in the first place.

Re: The Continuity Factor
June 30, 2006 01:44PM
I couldn't be romatically interested in a woman who didn't love VU, Roxy, the Ramones or the Clash as much as I do.
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