R.I.P. Maggie Roche
January 21, 2017 09:42PM
Cancer, age 65
Re: R.I.P. Maggie Roche
January 22, 2017 02:23AM
This is sad.

That first Roches album is one of the strangest and most magical album of all time.
Re: R.I.P. Maggie Roche
March 12, 2024 06:46PM
Had no idea they appeared in the animated WB cartoon series Tiny Toons:

Re: R.I.P. Maggie Roche
March 12, 2024 09:32PM
Truly is. Actually gave it a spin recently and it held up beautifully. Adding Robert Fripp’s guitar to the sisters freak-folk harmonies is an unlikely match on paper, but works a treat on vinyl.

First saw them as musical guests on SNL, back when they used to have cool guests.
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Re: R.I.P. Maggie Roche
March 13, 2024 08:51AM
I have the Roche records on vinyl. They are surprisingly weird, indeed. And Maggie and Suzzy did vocals on an unusual Philip Glass record I have in the CD stacks, Songs from Liquid Days, which I had not listened to in ages, but it's weird and remarkable and hypnotic.

Re: R.I.P. Maggie Roche
March 13, 2024 09:10PM
Agree about that debut….fripp and roches could be on the gruesome twosome thread.

Heck same with fripp and Daryl hall.

…. Sorry I’m on the wrong thread now
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