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Space Is The Place

Space Is The Place
March 20, 2006 07:58PM
The post about the Only One's only one hit "Another Girl Another Planet" got me thinking: say you're up in the TP Orbiting Disco Lounge spinning all the platters that matter for the folks looking out that big picture window at Earth, and worlds beyond. What's in your record crate? (Besides all the versions of "Another Girl Another Planet")

Athletico Spizz '80 "Where's Captain Kirk"
Devo "Space Junk"
Bowie "Space Oddity," and its doppeganger Peter Schilling's "Major Tom"
Man or Astro-Man (but which song?)
Husker Du "Books About UFOs"
B52s "Planet Claire" & "There's A Moon In The Sky Called The Moon"
The Church "Under The Milky Way"
Adolescents "Kids of The Black Hole"

The Pistols play Hawkwind's "Silver Machine" live but was it released? Can't find it on anything listed on Amazon, but granted, I didn't go through all 177 (!) albums listed.
Re: Space Is The Place
March 20, 2006 08:19PM
GBV "Hardcore UFOs"
Versus "Astronaut"
Byrds "Mr. Spaceman"
Rezillos "Flying Saucer Attack"
Bill Murray "Star Wars"
Re: Space Is The Place
March 20, 2006 09:00PM
There is a DVD, Best Of British : John Lydon that contains Hawkwind's Silver Machine from a Sex Pistols' 2002 Crystal Palace show.

Off the top of my head:

Planet Of Sound - Pixies
Space (I Believe In) - Pixies
Motorway To Roswell - Pixies
Space Monkey - Patti Smith
Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La) - Ramones
Bark At The Moon - Ozzy Osbourne
Rocket Man - Elton John
Looking For Satellites - David Bowie
Satellite Of Love - Lou Reed
Satellite - Replacements
Satellite - Elvis Costello
Rocket - Def Leppard
Mars Bars - Undertones
Shooting Stars - Billy Idol
Starry Night - Iggy Pop
Prettiest Star - David Bowie
Private World - New York Dolls
Venus - Television
Interstellar Soul - T Rex
Jupiter Liar - T Rex
Starman - David Bowie
Star - David Bowie
Star Star - Rolling Stones
2000 Light Years From Home - Rolling Stones
Astro Zombies- Misfits
Planet Telex - Radiohead
Black Star - Radiohead

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Re: Space Is The Place
March 20, 2006 11:13PM
Bowie "Life on Mars" ; Blue Oyster Cult "Astronomy"

Re: Space Is The Place
March 21, 2006 12:53AM
Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentleman, We Are Floating in Space
Helium - Leon's Space Song
Hum - Stars
Hum - Little Dipper
PJ Harvey - Yuri G
Komputer - Valentina (ode to the first female cosmonaut)
Sparks - I Married a Martian
Slowdive - Souvlaki Space Station
Catherine Wheel - Ursa Major Space Station
Hawkwind - Space is Deep
Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine
Pink Floyd - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
Smashing Pumpkins - Rocket
Starflyer 59 - First & Second Space Songs
Henry Mancini - Moon River
Jonathan Richman - The UFO Man
Television - Mars
Television - The Rocket
Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
The Tornados - Telstar
Robin Lane, Susanna Hoffs - Wishing on Telstar
Mark Heard - Satellite Sky
Luscious Jackson - Satellite
Lush - Light from a Dead Star
Bikini Kill - Alien She
The Beatles - Across the Universe
The Carpenters - Calling All Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
Frankie Avalon - Venus

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Re: Space Is The Place
March 21, 2006 05:05PM
Billy C Riley : Flying Saucers Rock and Roll
Tornadoes: Telstar (so good it had to be mentioned twice)
Radiohead: Paranoid Android
The Shirts : Lonely Android
P-Funk: Mothership Connection (star child)
Sun Ra: Space is the Place
Space Ghost: Theme song
Billy preston: Outta Space
Frankenstein Jr and the Impossibles: The Alien Brain From Outer Space (part I)
Billy Hogan: Shake It Over Sputnik
Van Morison: Moondance
Kate Bush: Hello Earth
Earth: Hello Kate Bush
OMD: Appollo XI
Tonto's Expanding Headband: Cybernauts
Africka Bambaataa: Planet Rock
The Jetsons: Theme
Jet Screamer: Eep Opp Ork Ahh Ahh
MC5: Starship
William Shatner: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Black Sabbath: Planet Caravan
Sparks: A Fun Bunch of Guys From Outer Space
Stranglers: We Are the Men in Black
Zappa: Cozmic Debris
Deep Purple: Space Truckin'
Astro Boy: Theme
Mr. Bungle: Anarchy Up Your Anus
anything by the following: Moon Mullins, Freddy Mercury, Mercury Rev, Spacemen 3, Sky Saxon, Moon Unit Zappa, Space Age Hitler and the Nazi Synthesizers ,The Space Heaters ,Make Rocket Go Now!,Kommander Lance Koko and the Peppermint Candy Far-Outers,The Space Monkey Mafia,Alien Sex Fiend,Big Fat Pet Clams From Outer Space,Galaxy 500, Luna, Mick Mars, Chris Mars,Ned's Atomic Dustbin,Pimps of Venus,Space Negroes,The Yams from Outer Space,Venus and the Razor Blades,Sigue Sigue Sputnik, The Roogalaters from Space,Billy Mumy,Moon Martin,[rumandmonkey.com] on 45,My three sons,Milky Way bars, Vick Venus,Star Jones,Sable Starr, Zolar X,Janus Ian,Ariel Bender,Rhea Pearlman, Miranda Richardson,Bill Haley and the Comets,The Meteors, The Pandoras, Pans People,Charles Atlas,Oleg Cassini, Ringo Starr,Bianca Jagger,Larry Van Allen,Nine Inch Nails, Venus Beans.............................
Re: Space Is The Place
March 21, 2006 10:19PM
Bonus points to madisdadi for digging up the lost SUN RECORDS classic by Billy Lee Riley. Great, great tune. . .
Re: Space Is The Place
March 21, 2006 12:36AM
And, like "Another Girl," how many of these so-called space songs are really just thinly disguised mash notes to smack?

Rocket USA - Suicide (probably)
Wandering Star - Portishead (could be)
Orion - Jethro Tull (doubtful)
Re: Space Is The Place
March 21, 2006 08:23PM
moon over marin, billy lee riley (flying saucers) and the legendary stardust cowboy (rockit)...
Re: Space Is The Place
March 21, 2006 11:37PM
moons of jupiter - scruffy the cat
children of the sun - billy thorpe
books about UFOs - husker du
jason, i thought i saw a UFO - pee shy (album produced by dean wareham of galaxie 500 / luna)

Re: Space Is The Place
March 22, 2006 03:13PM
The Waterboys - The Whole of the Moon
Stranglers - Always the Sun
Tori Amos - Hey Jupiter
Re: Space Is The Place
March 23, 2006 01:58PM
Supersonic Rocket Ship-The Kinks
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