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Bauhaus blows dead bears

Bauhaus blows dead bears
August 07, 2004 01:11PM
Hate to bludgeon a sacred cow, but is there anyone besides me who thinks that this band sucks? I just tried to listen to In the Flat Field for the first time in over a decade and just can't do it. Any time Daniel Ash has something close to mojo goin', Peter comes in with his Ethel Myrman-on-crack voice and ruins it. Makes me want to throw my E-bow out of a moving vehicle. Will someone please post an indefensible counterargument.
Re: Bauhaus blows dead bears
August 13, 2004 12:43AM
So, conversely, if a band blows LIVE bears wouldn't that make them recommendable?
Bauhaus were certainly influential particularly in the world of goth. No offense to the better half of the species but I recall a largely female fanbase. Not only do many prefer Murphy's solo work, I prefer L&R. After Bela Lugosi's Dead was any new terrain covered?
When you chuck your E-bow, drive by my house. I need a new one and I'll set up a Bauhaus target.
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