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Re: Shoegazin wikis

Shoegazin wikis
February 18, 2006 05:24AM
The wikipedia chart of the timeline of shoegaze.
What do you see wrong with this?

Me: for starts, it's missing the Chameleons.

(Corollary: Is the New Sincerity movement in actuality just California philosophy versus NYC?)

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Re: Shoegazin wikis
February 18, 2006 05:40AM
No one would touch this except my favorite pagan.

The Chameleons, once you've heard them, never really leave you.

A forceful, intelligent and passionate band.

They create true believers (hi Elejandro Escovito!).

Fielding, Smithies, Lever and Burgess peaked numerous times together.
Lp's #1 What does anything mean basically?
Strange Times
Tony Fletcher walked on water Ep.
John Peel Sessions.
The roach the beatles left burning was thankfully, relit and smoked again before completely disintegrating.
Re: Shoegazin wikis
February 19, 2006 10:47AM
shoegazing Chameleons? nah, TP was correct, post punk.
Re: Shoegazin wikis
February 18, 2006 07:16AM
Love the Chameleons, but shoegaze? Don't think they're droney and psychedelic enough - too cranky and angst-ridden. Unless that's just the stuff I heard.

But I would add Loop and Spaceman 3.

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Re: Shoegazin wikis
February 18, 2006 09:42AM
You could also add Brit 3 piece MOOSE
Re: Shoegazin wikis
February 18, 2006 03:48PM
Might not hurt to give the Cocteau Twins co-parenting credit alongside the J&M Chain. (Heck, should probably start the whole thing with "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "Sister Ray.")

The Lilys & Starflyer 59 could fit nicely in the gap between the British explosion and the BMRC, since they made an attempt to keep the sound going in that period of time.
Re: Shoegazin wikis
February 18, 2006 08:51PM
Breno - my thoughts exactly. RE: Cocteau Twins, 1982.
(I can't quit you, breno).

The current technical definition.

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