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MoB singles club

MoB singles club
February 02, 2006 04:48PM
Mission of Burma is releasing a series of 12" singles (plus later-delivered CD singles) as a teaser to the new album coming out in May. You get one single a week for the 8 weeks before the album is released - all for 15 goddamn dollars. It's on the Matador website.
Re: MoB singles club
February 03, 2006 02:56AM
can't seem to order without em adding another 2.99 for postage.

ummm, still a good deal, but...
Re: MoB singles club
February 03, 2006 05:21AM
Yeah, the MoB website says it's $15 postpaid, but you're right - Matador is adding another $3 for some stupid reason. I'll take it nonetheless....
Re: MoB singles club
February 08, 2006 06:07PM
Apparently there was a software error that caused the $2.99 to be added even though it wasn't supposed to be, but they're re-crediting accounts for it. And for all you suckers who procrastinated on getting in on the action, it's too late!
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