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Re: The Miracle of Instant Info

The Miracle of Instant Info
December 29, 2011 03:46PM
Looked up the name of a girl who I briefly dated in school to see what she was doing. Found out she died in 2004 at only 38 years old. She succumbed to lung cancer even though she was a non-smoker. Even though we haven't talked since 1989, that cold fact shot through me like a bullet. Instant info isn't always that great. I'm shaking. I needed to share this since it happened a few seconds ago.
Re: The Miracle of Instant Info
December 29, 2011 04:04PM
That sucks, chiggs; I'm sorry to hear that.

I had a similar experience looking up my biological father (short sob story: left when I was 3, lived off the grid for decades). By the time I tracked down a public record, it was 2010 and it was an Arizona death certificate showing he had died in 2002.

In better news, a guy I used to sit behind in high school trigonometry--an unabashed nerd--drifted off to MIT in the late 1980s. By the time he contacted me on Facebook, he had put aside a career designing and launching rockets to become a well-known LA porn performer and mini-mogul (with his own production company).

Life is weird. . . there's, like, no plot.

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Re: The Miracle of Instant Info
December 29, 2011 06:45PM
Let me guess, the porn actor's name is Rock Rocket.
Re: The Miracle of Instant Info
December 29, 2011 07:04PM
Yeah, that's horrible when it happens. I've had that happen a couple of times in the last month, and one was someone I'd been actively looking for on Facebook, only to find a Memorial page when I finally tried an alternate spelling of her first name.

Sorry for your loss, sir. You're right about the instant internet giving you stuff you did not want to know about faster than you can process it.
Re: The Miracle of Instant Info
December 29, 2011 10:24PM
Sorry to hear that Hoip.
Here's a happy one.
I got an email from a guy in New Zealand who's a massive
fan of Freakwater. He must have done some kind of search on them
and found me right here on this message board saying I liked their
cover of Dollar Bill Blues that I had on a Thrill Jockey compilation.
He asked me to send him a MP3 and I did. He had the song (plus another)
within a day or so. Would have been quicker if I wasn't such a luddite.
Re: The Miracle of Instant Info
December 30, 2011 03:40AM
My condolences, Hoip. I've spotted at least one ex-girlfriend in the obituaries, too, so I can empathize with that strange cold feeling.

I have a happy one for ya, too: An old chum from high school did an internet search for my name, and thanks to my TP entries, he found me. (That's reason enough to keep at the reviews.)

Re: The Miracle of Instant Info
December 30, 2011 03:59AM
A co-worker once passed me a true crime book that covered an Austin crime. It turned out that the victim was a young lady I'd worked with in the bookstore in the early 90s. (The more current co-worker had no idea.) That was very unsettling.
Re: The Miracle of Instant Info
December 31, 2011 03:00AM
in keeping with the childhood/where are they now UPDATE theme,
i played a lot of baseball growing up with MC. later, in high school, we went to a party where he and about a half dozen other guys drank belladonna tea. last i saw him he was tripping, or rather 'high (sorry) stepping' the light fantastic. as if there were fences or dog shit every time he wanted to take a step. but alas via modern technology, i find that he is just fine producing television in new york.
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