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November 20, 2003 01:09AM
there is this new label called epicene (www.epicenesoundsystms.com)..if you like weirder musics you should check em out, all there bands are really fiun, i think they have mp3's up at there site but here is some info on some of there bands anyway...
TIME OF ORCHIDS (sorta sounds like dillenger escape plan, mr. bungle, talkind heads and the b-52's mixed together... super weird. but still rocks)

HARLOTS (sounds like hella vs daughters... prog grind? two singers and two bass players. vocals go from singing to high and low screams. they also mix in some noise. plus the drummer and the guitar player are super fast and both are under 18!!!)

UPSILON ACRUX (part of the brutal prog moment along with hella, the flying luttenbachers, grand ulena, etc.... sorta sounds like the aformentioned and ruins, magma, zs... but it's not as hard to listen to as some of those other bands)

BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS (like a way funner(not afraid to jsut rock out) instrumental dillinger escape plan. one of the guys plays a 12 stringed guitar/bass called a war guitar. a guy in king crimson uses one as well. this band rocks big time.

YES,COLLAPSE (harsh noise that is painful, especialy live. )

they have a few more bands.. so check em out.

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