Greatest Albums-Nothing New
July 07, 2004 02:54PM
We've had no end of books on this and I know very well I'm not gonna find Virginia Astley,the Family Cat,The The,Florence Warner or Jocelyn Pook or Diane Renay in there.
Instead I'm going to be told for the zillionth time that the Sex Pistols,Nirvana
or Prince or Michael Jackson were not the pile of crap they so very obviously are but the kind of stuff I should be listening to.

I couldn't compile lists like that I would have to actually listen to the stuff

Richard Astley-Clemas
Re: Greatest Albums-Nothing New
July 08, 2004 06:32AM
How can you deny "Having Fun with Elvis on Stage"?
Re: Greatest Albums-Nothing New
July 09, 2004 11:11PM
First of all Michael Jackson pays his share of taxes just like other amusement park owners so give him a break ok?
Speaking of piles of crap, I bet there's plenty of crap in the port o lets at the amusement parks, aye?
Ah, the things you do for a buck.

PS Hoffman is bandwagoning.
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