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May 28, 2004 02:54PM
Apart from the 100+ movie and Cast albums of Alice In Wonderland which could be considered the Worlds first Tributes....though an actual one to Lewis Carroll is a long time coming....you can keep adding things which relate in some way.
Alice has been treated in every known musical genre and in 1963 2qw on the charts via Neil Sedaka which used an ad to say "Alice makes it into the Teen Scene".The same year of 1963 saw a one off girl group single by an artiste who called herself Alice Wonderland!
Later came Alison Wonder,whose ex husband was the now disgraced TV comedian Michael Barrymore.
My Yahoo groups The Ultimate Alice Experience shows pics of many of these one off items such as 2 different ones called Malice In Wonderland!
The one by Scots rock band Nazareth actually shows the Mad Hatters Tea Party with the members replacing the original cast!
Alice made it into the Rock business via Jefferson Airplane.
In the 80s singer songwriter Virginia Astley...whose middle name is Alice...can be seen as a reincarnation of the same and has even written songs with Alice imagery

Richard Astley-Clemas
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