May 28, 2004 02:25PM
My favorite rock band of the 90s disapperaed long ago,its members working in other areas of the music business.So I decided to seize their name for my User Name.Today I am the Family Cat.
With no more than one album issued in the States out of the 3 they made,the band are total unknowns.
At the time of their existnce the similar sounding JESUS JONES cleaned up in the States,proving that in spite of horrors like grunge,a pure straight ahead rock band could still make it.
Nearest English one since has been SHED SEVEN.
The Family Cat cut a classic instrumental called Theme From The Family Cat,which is a real throwback to the Golden Age of Ventures,Chantays,Duane Eddy,Link Wray etc
Check out the Cat if you discover them in your local bargain bin.You won't be sorry

Richard Astley-Clemas
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