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human league being born

human league being born
May 15, 2004 12:48PM
A friend of mine made me a mixed tape with Human League's "Being Boiled" on it, so I went out and got Travelogue, cause that song is listed on the back of the album. The "Being Boiled" on this album is a totally different song from the one my friend recorded for me. I'm not really disappointed since the album is awesome, but what gives?
Re: human league being born
May 18, 2004 09:37AM
'Being Boiled' was the first Human League single, backed with 'Circus of Death'. It was released on the independent Fast label, but both tracks were later re-recorded on the band's first two albums.

With the success of 'Dare', the original single was re-released and charted. Many people prefer it to the later versions.

All you need to do to sort yourself is to get the remastered and expanded version of the first Virgin album, 'Reproduction'. This has both sides of the debut single, with the version of BB you want, as well as all four tracks from the band's second release 'The Dignity of Labour'.

All the Fast tracks from the Human League were released on an EMI CD in 1993, 'Rigour, Discipline And Disgust', which also has early songs from the Mekons and the Gang of Four. It is no longer widely available, though.

There is also a live version of 'Being Boiled' on the recent live album from Heaven 17, who were formed when the original Human League split apart prior to 'Dare'.

There is a site devoted to the early Human League, whioch has a history of the band and some MP3's of pre-Virgin material you can download:


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Re: human league being born
June 06, 2004 09:50PM
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