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Jon Fine/Bitch Magnet

Jon Fine/Bitch Magnet
May 14, 2004 03:13PM
While trying the other day to find out what happened to the members of Bitch Magnet other than Soo-Young Park, I found a "Jon Fine" who appears to be a music critic in Baltimore. Does anyone know if it's the same guy who was the Bitch Magnet guitarist?
Re: Jon Fine/Bitch Magnet
June 09, 2004 12:03AM
Jon Fine currently writes for Advertising Age (see profile: [www.mediabistro.com]) and plays guitar in Coptic Light (who have a track on the recent import compilation, THEY KEEP ME SMILING on Uunited Acoustic Recording).

Drummer Orestes De La Torres went on to play with Walt Mink (now defunct). Prior to Walt Mink, Orestes and David Galt (the other guitarist on Bitch Magnet's 2nd LP) played in GODRIFLE, who released a CD in 1993 on Caustic Fish.

Re: Jon Fine/Bitch Magnet
June 09, 2004 03:26PM
Thanks - interesting profile of Jon Fine. Thanks also for the report on Orestes. I always thought he was an amazing drummer and was surprised he didn't turn up somewhere else after Bitch Magnet. I guess he did and I just didn't know it, though it sounds like he may be out of the biz now.
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