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Re: Record Store Day

Record Store Day
April 17, 2009 12:56PM
It's tomorrow. Don't forget to support your local independent!


Re: Record Store Day
April 17, 2009 03:16PM
I'll be there and trying valiantly (and failing, I imagine) to spend less than $150. Here in Portland, several shops are having in-store performances and such, so it's turning out to be a pretty big deal.
Re: Record Store Day
April 17, 2009 11:11PM
where the fuck are all the mono albums?
Re: Record Store Day
April 18, 2009 11:59PM
I ended up at Decatur CD (on the east side of Atlanta), enjoying an all-Ramones afternoon, copious amounts of complimentary Full Sail Pale Ale, cool exclusives (especially from the good folks at Sub Pop), plus 10% off all purchases. Even so, I–like Rhett suspected he would–spent well into the three figures.

This thing has improved in each of the 3 years it's been in existence.
Re: Record Store Day
April 19, 2009 01:06AM
They closed off the street next to Euclid Records here in the Lou for performances by Jason Ringenberg and the Bottle Rockets.
Re: Record Store Day
April 19, 2009 02:05AM
Here in LA (Amoeba Hollywood) we had Ian from Anthrax, and Wendy & Lisa - remember them, from Prince's band? They're in-demand soundtrack composers now. I think they do "Heroes."
Re: Record Store Day
April 20, 2009 01:21PM
I missed record store day, but I got the Dengue Fever 7'' at their show the previous night.

Re: Wendy & Lisa, I used to have the Girl Bros. album. Don't anymore. They have had a truly unusual career arc but nice to see their name every week on heroes.
Re: Record Store Day
April 20, 2009 05:45PM
I did in fact fail to stay under $150, tho just barely. I thought about putting back that "Record Store Day Exclusive" 7" of Sonic Youth b/w Beck just to bring myself back under the $150 mark, but decided that was silly (I'll tell you if I think otherwise after listening to the damn thing). I did get a free Jackpot Records t-shirt and a gourmet donut out of the trek too....
Re: Record Store Day
April 20, 2009 11:04PM
I didn't make it to Record Store Day either, but I did do a lot of shopping at the record stores in San Diego, the week before. As the good folks on this board told me, the live music scene in that town isn't much to crow about — at least, it wasn't that week. But I found some great stores, and came home with literally a backpack full of cool bargain-priced CDs ... including the 2-CD Sparks compilation on Rhino and the Pere Ubu box set. I'll definitely be making the rounds again, next time I'm in that town (which is usually once a year or so).

Re: Record Store Day
April 20, 2009 11:20PM
Uh, Delv...I understand there are beaches and oceans in San Diego too. Did you spend some time away from the record racks?
Re: Record Store Day
April 21, 2009 02:29PM
Sounds like my kind of day...
Re: Record Store Day
April 21, 2009 10:32PM
Hey Delvin, what record stores did you visit in S.D.?
Re: Record Store Day
April 21, 2009 02:08PM
There are?

I kid. Yes, I did get to the beach, almost every day. Record store bumming after dark.
Re: Record Store Day
April 22, 2009 12:48AM
I was stuck@work.....which caused me to miss a performance by Richard Barone at Vintage Vinyl in Woodbridge, NJ. Double bummer.
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