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Trying to identify a band with very few clues

Trying to identify a band with very few clues
March 27, 2004 06:39AM
Ok this is pretty wacky...
I'm trying to find the name of a band that I've probably never heard of before, and a song that I've certainly never heard before....What the %@#?!!

It all started when I met my (then) girlfriend who originally hails from the UK. During the course of our getting to know one another, we found we shared a fondness for absurdist humour and alt/indie rock. (No kidding huh loser?)
She told me about a song that she herself had never heard before, but had learned a few of the goofy lyrics to, through a pub-going-mate in University. This mate hailed from Manchester and she, and my (now) wife, attended Uni together in the early 90's. Unfortunately, the friends went their separate ways after Uni and so asking her "Who in the Hell?!" is not an option.
The particular charm of this track was that it apparently made a good little drinking anthem. If you understand the English student's predilection for getting totally pissed before pub closing at 11pm , then looking for a cheap take away, you'll understand the spirit of this lyric/song.
The nameless band that produced this mysterious little ditty must have been a local Mancunian one because, apparently the refrain was sung in that city's particular dialect - this of course was the main selling point for our friend from Manchester - regional, unique, satirical, indie rock, homeboy style. Without further adieu, here's the lyric as related to me:

"Are you goin' down the chippy? Are ya right or what?!"

I'm counting on you, fellow geeks! Thanks and Cheers!

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