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Looking for Music

Looking for Music
November 13, 2003 04:24PM

Please let me know if you are interested in giving me copies of any of the following (in exhange for music, baked goods, satisfaction, etc). I know some of the below is easy to find, but I have very little money at the moment to buy stuff.

Hey! Elastica
Pooh Sticks
Martini Ranch
Let's Active
Au Pairs
October Days
Nervus Re
Helen Love; Merry Christmas single
Milk'n'Cookies / Ian North
Neighborhoods: early stuff
Original Sins: Big Soul
Nerves: 1976 EP
Oh-ok: Buzz of Delights

Re: Looking for Music
November 14, 2003 04:26PM
Hello Jane, I have a Cucumbers "85 Fake Doom Lp you could have if you cover shipping....say $3.00. Steve
Re: Looking for Music
November 19, 2003 09:38PM
sounds good.

Re: Looking for Music
November 20, 2003 04:50PM
Yes Jane, email me at charlessbenn@aol.com and we can work it out. Thanks to you and our hero Mr Robbins for making it all possible!
Re: Looking for Music
November 27, 2003 05:14PM
I have "The Great White Wonder" by the Pooh Sticks and "Big Plans for Everybody" by Let's Active if you're interested.
Re: Correction on Let's Active
November 30, 2003 03:40PM
I have "Every Dog Has Its Day," not "Big Plans for Everybody." I've heard their entire catalog has been reissued.
Re: Note on The Necessaries
December 11, 2003 11:54AM
I love The Necessaries Lp "Big Sky"!!.However, I must say that no CD ever made can match the sound of vinyl played on a Bang and Olufson turntable piped through a set of monitors. Sorry mate.
Re: Note on The Necessaries
December 15, 2003 09:25PM
I'd be inclined to agree, as I'm quite the vinyl-lover myself. However
the 99.99765% of the population that dosn't own a B & O turntable might find that this CD-R is an acceptable substitute until such time as they find themselves with enough disposable income to spend several thousand dollars on the appropriate equipment. Particularly so, given that they are offering to barter with baked goods.
Best wishes,

Re: Looking for Music
January 22, 2004 05:09PM

I've got:

Pooh Sticks - Great White Wonder
Million Seller
Optimistic Fool
Martini Ranch - Holy Cow

If you want to send me a CD-r I can make copies.

Re: Looking for Music
December 09, 2003 03:28PM

I have a CD-R of the Necessaries LP (first version, which I'm told is actually better) that I transferred from vinyl. If you'll send your address off-list I'll send it out to you, although it may take awhile what with my obligations during all of this holiday nonsense and such.

Best wishes,

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