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Re: RIP Lux Interior

RIP Lux Interior
February 05, 2009 12:02AM
Can't believe it........


edit: anyone know his true age? the article is contradictory.

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Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 05, 2009 12:29AM
his bro is my pal and he's 55; i bet 59

what does article say?


a giant
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 05, 2009 12:37AM
Billboard apparently had the wrong age. Almost every other site I've looked at has him at 60 years old.

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Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 05, 2009 12:55AM
God Damn Rock and Roll
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 05, 2009 03:30AM
Holy cow. I'm in shock. Is this why the Cramps have been silent for so long?
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 05, 2009 03:22PM
Ohhhh man, what a loss. An incredible performer. One of a kind. I'm grateful I got to see The Cramps onstage.
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 05, 2009 04:11PM
Dammit, why are all my punk heroes dying before all the boring hippie Baby Boomer acts? Joey, Johnny & Dee Dee are gone, Crosby, Stills & Nash live on. Joe Strummer is worm food while Eric Crap, er, Clapton still draws air. But I am glad I saw the Cramps live coupla times. Now I gotta find that video of their mental hospital concert.
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 11, 2009 04:29AM
Actually his brother is 53, and Lux was 62...and yes,they did lead a very quiet low profile life.
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 16, 2009 12:16AM
I've been away for awhile and I'm in shock reading this thread. I didn't "get" the Cramps when I first heard them in the mid 80s. Like many young people who weren't blessed with a cool older sibling or a hip urban backdrop, I heard and saw the Cramps for the first time on Night Flight, by way of Urgh! A Music War. My love and appreciation for them has grown in ways I could hardly imagine. When I listen to swampy R&B stuff recorded on the Excello label, I think of them. When I listen to De Stijl or anything by the Black Keys, I think of them. When I listen to Nick Cave, I think of Lux. (If Nick is Leonard Cohen's id, I imagine Lux as Nick's id, or maybe Nick without the literary pretensions).

Like Ron Asheton, he was one of a few artists in this world who turned my imagination into a wonderland.
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 09, 2019 03:32PM
A whole decade has passed, can you believe it? As Lux's enemies - the straights and squares, the uptight, the humorless - continue to take over, we need him more than ever. For the love of Ivy, come back!
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 10, 2019 03:22PM

A whole decade has passed, can you believe it?

Life is now the downtime between the death of cherished musicians and the anniversaries of their passing.
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 05, 2009 04:32PM
Ron Asheton, one of rock's most under-rated guitarists, is gone; Jeff Beck (one of rock's most over-rated) lives on.

Lux Interior, one of rock's wildest and most unforgettable frontmen, has left us. Neil Diamond (who's outlived Lux by five years and counting) lives on to pack arenas coast to coast.

Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 06, 2009 02:48PM
I saw Steve Jones may be playing with the Stooges now that his show was axed.
Does this mean the Cramps will be induced into the RNRHOF next year?

2010 inductees:
New York Dolls
Judas Priest
Neil Diamond
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 08, 2009 06:39PM
Very nice, funny piece Rollins did for the LA Times:

Henry Rollins Remembers Lux Interior

and definitely listen to this interview with Lux and Ivy, truly a window into their world:

WFMU: Lux & Ivy's Favorites
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 08, 2009 11:17PM
Check out their interview in the first volume of Incredibly Strange Music as well.
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 18, 2009 01:46AM
Actually I don't think D.Boon made it out of his 20s. Man died WAY too fugging young.
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 05, 2009 05:04PM
SUCKS! The good ones are always too soon gone. RIP you leather maypole!!!
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 05, 2009 05:25PM
A "pre-existing heart condition," huh ... I wonder how far back that went. Given his manic stage performances for so many years, we may be luckier than we know, that Lux was among us for as long as he was.

Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 08, 2009 05:54PM
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 08, 2009 06:30PM
"Life is short! Filled with stuff! Don't know what for! I ain't had enough!"
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 09, 2009 01:29PM
I don't know what their lives were like outside the Cramps, but my wife imagined that Lux & Ivy kept a quiet, low profile — that they were just Erick & Kristy to their neighbors. She imagined Lux just mowing his lawn in shorts, waving to his neighbors.

Imagine all those neighbors going to Lux's funeral, freaking out at all the punks, greasers and goth kids there, and whispering to one another, "I had no idea the Purkhisers even knew this many people!"
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 16, 2009 02:08AM
i have known his bro for 30 years and i always thought he was 18 months older than i

it must be that he is/was more mature

lux, when re-visiting akron, was always shy

thinking how this year started with deaths i always think of this 12 month period when the following died, and no offense to ron or lux but a lot of these cats were 40ish

Tom Evans
Dennis Wilson
Jackie Wilson
Marvin Gaye
D. Boon
Ricky Nelson
Phil Lynott
Richard Manuel

i ain't lookin it up but i saw snakefinger around this time and he soon died on stage somewhere, sometime

the residents ruled!
Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 26, 2009 10:40PM
i might cry when 'lets get fucked up' comes on but i don't care. i'm still loadin up my new fIVE DisK CD platter up with "Flamejob."

i think i just said 'up' twice there.

up up & away in my beautiful...

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Re: RIP Lux Interior
March 06, 2009 02:02AM
I wrote this to a few friends on the day the news of his death came out. Having just seen this thread, I figured I'd share:

I'm very sad. He wrote me a letter at Trouser Press when he was getting set to move to New York from Cleveland. (I wish I still had it, but I think it disappeared in one of my many late 80s moves) saying that he didn't know anyone in NYC and hoped we would meet up when he got here because from the article I had written about Television I must be an ok guy with good taste. By some strange coincidence, we did meet up very soon after. He had gotten friendly with Greg, a weird guy I worked with at the record store, Musical Maze, on the upper east side. When I got fired from the job (I guess my heart wasn't in it, it was in Trouser Press) guess who got my job? Yeah, Lux. And guess which band started rehearsing in the basement of the record store. Yeah, The Cramps. (Greg would, of course, become better known as Bryan Gregory.) Jim Green and I saw their first gig at Max's -- with TP contributor Miriam Linna on drums -- and it was a shambles, but then, wasn't that the idea? We slinked out the back, but came back for more...and they got better and better. He may have been a total loon on stage, but Lux was always real nice and friendly to me. I saw him perform for the last time at Sunset Junction in Silver Lake a couple of years ago. Before that I ran into him at the post office in Glendale, where he'd gone to pick up fan mail, or whatever. I'm sorry he's gone. There'll probably never be another one quite like him.
Re: RIP Lux Interior
March 10, 2009 07:08PM
........ loved the zantees too.

btw: thanks for turning me on to EC in the Dec 77 TP Schulps! (Also the great Jimmy Page interviews from October 77, and all the Kinks articles..........................)

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Re: RIP Lux Interior
February 10, 2019 03:41PM
Yes. Tho there's also the quote, "Life is what happens between orgasms."
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