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Re: tha big bopper

tha big bopper
December 07, 2008 08:41PM
Ritchie! The Ritchie Valens story is on now, with Lou Diamond Phillips, snore zzzzzzzzzzz.

I wanna see a movie about The Big Bopper! Doesn't anyone care about the Big Bopper?
Re: tha big bopper
December 07, 2008 10:49PM
Feb 3, 2009 will be 50 years.
Re: tha big bopper
December 08, 2008 04:55AM
Does his one hit merit a movie? How about a movie about Syd Barrett?
Re: tha big bopper
December 10, 2008 06:53PM
1. I think of The Big Bopper every time someone cuts in front of me in line, or cuts me off in traffic. I don't fuss. I smile my little smile and think of Waylon Jennings.

2. It's high time someone made a film about Syd Barrett! Who would you cast as Syd? Oooh! Fun, fun fun! You have "Young Syd," and you have "Old Syd" (unless the project is budgeted for all sorts of make-up to age "Young Syd"). Hell. Choosing the entire cast would be ... well ... a trip.

There would have to be a scene of The Floyd working at Abbey Road down the hall from The Beatles. Would you try to SHOW the Beatles at all? Think of all the Syd stories that could be woven into the story! They are legion.

Thank you. I'll be pondering this for the rest of the day and into tomorrow morning.

Who is to say that there haven't been discussions in Hollywood about this very subject? I can see the suits at a Major Motion Picture Studio debating the pros and cons of a Syd movie:

One person in the conference room said, "Shall we pick up the option on the Syd film?" and another executive said, "Let's not bother."

Consider your Wiki tweaked.
Re: tha big bopper
December 14, 2008 06:18PM
Since I'm a pig Floyd fan (flying pig, get it) I would love a Syd movie. But, then again, that would make me sad 'cause then Syd will have gone into the mainstream.
Re: tha big bopper
December 08, 2008 07:32AM

Doesn't anyone care about the Big Bopper?
Certainly not me.
Re: tha big bopper
December 08, 2008 08:44PM
Well, I never cared much for Ritchie. Blobba lobba la Bamba only goes so far. and Oh Donna is boring. Big Bopper is more interesting. Hellllooooooo baaaaaaaby! Sexist, I know, but I never get tired of it!
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