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Re: R.I.P.

December 06, 2008 05:12PM
The ultimate nerd, which perversely made him an extraordinarily cool guy.

Re: R.I.P.
December 06, 2008 08:23PM
He was an extremely nice guy. Always had time for a fan.
Re: R.I.P.
December 06, 2008 08:38PM
I always loved the Famous Monsters Magazine covers.

I was lucky enough to interview him back in 1997 at a horror movie convention for my radio show. He was very funny and sharp. But the best part was, he loved my Halloween costume!
Re: R.I.P. - 4E
December 09, 2008 04:19PM
I took a tour of his Acker-mansion, & saw his memorabilia. He drafts crowd members to star in reenactions of famous movie scenes - my wife starred with him as Claude Rains in the "Invisible Man"!

Then I bought a vinyl copy of his '50s album "Music For Robots," which he autographed: "Ro Ro Ro Your Bot."

We'll miss ya, Forry (aka 4E).
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