They Might Be Giants idiots
March 17, 2004 12:41AM
Hey Ira, you wrote about They Might Be giants fans: "the band has attracted far too many other kinds of idiots to make attending shows a completely enjoyable experience." I haven't seen a full-fledged Giants show (just an in-store acoustic thing years ago) but I'd like to. Now you've got me worried.

Are they like "Rocky Horror" fans, w/ costumes, props, acting out songs?
What exactly is it that's so annoying?
Re: They Might Be Giants idiots
March 17, 2004 03:57AM
they sing along, they know every song, they care way too much about a band that takes itself far less seriously than that. at the risk of overstating it, the Giants - who are a wonderful live band, I must say - attract something like Barenaked Ladies fans (and my beloved niece is one of those, so i won't say any more).
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