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Nuggets II Singalong

Nuggets II Singalong
September 15, 2008 09:07PM

Silly things that play on strings
I wish I was five
Sometimes its not so good to be alive....

If I want you to cry
All your life you're gonna to cry
We're gonna put two drops of water in this little doll's eye
If I want to get even
For what you did to me
All I gotta do is make you smart and you'll be in misery...

When the alarm clock rings
Time to wake up
Another day it brings
Time to wake up
A day of nowhere things
When the alarm clock rings
Time to wake up...

-- Cheers to a time when things were a helluva lot slower and a helluva lot more psychedelic. Won't you join me? (Chug chug chug...) --
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