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Re: R.I.P.

August 04, 2008 12:18AM
Not a rock & roller, but pretty badass anyway.


And he was among the many name-checked in Tim Curry's "I Do the Rock."
Re: R.I.P.
August 04, 2008 01:25AM
I had to read A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich in school and I absolutely loved it. Reread it as an adult and it holds up really well. RIP
Re: R.I.P.
August 04, 2008 02:00AM
The Gulag Archipelago is one of the most powerful works in world literature. A real shitstorm of moral condemnation and righteous anger. If you want to read about the horrors that man has committed to man, dissected in relentless detail, and pronounced in a tone worthy of the Biblical prophets, read a couple hundred pages of this baby.

I heard that after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, he went back and tried to do a late night talk show. This must have been a real horrorshow. But still probably better than the Magic Johnson show.

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Re: R.I.P.
August 04, 2008 12:25PM
R.I.P. indeed and great respect for a brilliant writer...
Re: R.I.P.
August 04, 2008 03:13PM
It's very unexpected & pleasing for Mr. Solzhenitsyn to be paid tribute here.
Re: R.I.P.
August 04, 2008 03:49PM
By coincidence, my wife and I were beginning to put books on shelves after moving last week and I grabbed "One Day..." and decided to put it on the "To Read" stack. Solzhenitsyn was a very important discovery for me when I was starting my high school years.

And ditto on the pleasure at seeing this thread. I like how we can all "get" that something important has happened and talk about it, without having to wait for it to get through the filters.
Re: R.I.P.
August 04, 2008 06:06PM
The aforementioned Tim Curry song. He never had much of music career beyond Rocky Horror, but the name dropping in this song introduced me to a ton of people I needed to know about. Possibly the most over-educated such List Song in the history of rock. (Although "The Reptiles and I" by Shriekback might come close.)


Edith Sitwell giving readings
14 Moscow Road
Osbert's giving champagne parties
Sachie's got a cold
Gertrude's hanging pictures
Alice making tea
Me, I do the only thing that still
makes sense to me
I do the Rock
I do the Rock Rock

John and Yoko farming beef
raising protein quota
Sometimes they make love and art
inside their dakota
Rodney's feeling sexy
Mick is really frightfully bold
Me, I do the only thing that stops me growing old
I do the Rock
I do the Rock Rock
I do the Rock Rock Rock

Well, it's stimulating

Solzhenitzyn feels exposed
build a barbed-wired prison
Nietsche's six feet under but his baby's still got rythm
Einstein's celebrating ten decates
but I'm afraid philosophy is just too much responsibility for me
I do the Rock
I do the Rock

Baby Ruth and Dizzy Dean
Best and Colin Cowdrey
Little Mo, Virginia Wade
Pistol Pete and O.J.
I've always like Di Maggio
and Rockne's pretty knute you know
I could never wack a ball with such velocity
I do the Rock
I do the Rock
I do the Rock
It's stimulating - I'm a keen student

Liz and Dick and Britt and Liza
Jaclyn, Kate and Farrah
Meg and Roddy, John Travolta
Governor Brown and Linda
Interview and People Magazine
Miss Rona and the Queen
It must be really frightfull to attract publicity
I do the Rock
I do the Rock

Carter, Begin and Sadat
Breznhev, Teng and Castro
eyeryday negotiate us closer to disastro
Idi Amin and the Shah
and Al Fatah is quite bizarre
I could never get the hang of ideoligy
I do the Rock
I do the Rock
I do - I do - I do - do the Rock
Re: R.I.P.
August 04, 2008 06:41PM
That song brings me back to the summer of '79, where it was played constantly on either WBCN or the Salem State College radio station while doing a summer job @ a city park. Brings back Proustian memories, to add to the over-educated vibe.
Re: R.I.P.
August 04, 2008 08:47PM
Daaaaannnggg! Joe breaking out the Remembrance of Things Past on us. I had to pass a French translation exam on that in college (a very small portion of it, believe me). I took an extra 1-credit translation class (sort of a sped group kind of thing for people like me who sucked at French). The teacher, a wonderful woman and Proust scholar, would always start weeping while reading that. I was always thinking, "OK, I'm glad you connect to this stuff, but can we move on? I'm about to be denied my graduate degree if we don't get through this material in a timely and clear fashion."

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Re: R.I.P.
August 05, 2008 11:13AM
Erik, I think that you probably would have better memories of that class if you translated stuff like this instead of Proust:


P.S.: I noticed that there were no almost but not quite making sense missives from STEVE this past weekend.
Re: R.I.P.
August 05, 2008 12:07PM
hey, that's the universal language, my man. No translation needed!
Re: R.I.P.
August 07, 2008 08:27PM
the last two weekends required that i work and attend a graduation party,respectively.
But fear not, for i shall return this weekend.
Whereby, I am sure to throw caution to the wind.
And in the process, reduce not only my best intentions to humiliating self parody, but quite possibly the number of visitors to this wholesome recreational endeavor.
Why should I think any different?
Afterall, thats been exactly the same result at each of the places (respectively) where I was at the last two weekends.

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