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Re: Predictions for the RRHF

Predictions for the RRHF
July 07, 2008 05:03PM
Okay, I know the Hall of Fame is not the most popular subject on this board (except once a year, when the upcoming inductions get announced). But this one occurred to me this morning:

Whom would you like to see inducted, who does have a reasonable chance of being inducted?

"Reasonable," of course, still is subjective.

Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 07, 2008 06:04PM
In the past, I would have discounted any chance for Joy Division, but this year there has been so much increased awareness for them, what with CONTROL, the new documentary and the re-issues, I can imagine their cult reaching the critical mass needed to get them there.

Given the very upfront politicking by the inductees in the last couple of induction ceremonies for the inclusion of the Stooges (Madonna having Iggy perform in her place, the jam version of "I Wanna Be Your Dog"), they may be edging closer.

And an increased awareness of the Replacements with this year's reissues, coupled with a dwindling supply of 60s & 70s also-rans that can credibly be inducted and the fact in the next few years the RRHOF will be drawing on a several year stretch in the mid-80s where it's hard to think of any new possibilities that debuted, makes their shot seem not as long as it once might have.

And I still think one of these years the voters will suddenly recall Peter Gabriel and think "Hey! He was really successful, and also artistically credible. Why have we forgotten him?" Although Genesis will probably get a nod before he gets a solo one, and hell, they deserve it, too.

Still a crime that Kraftwerk never seems to be considered. The Cure also deserve a shot and could conceivably get one.
Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 07, 2008 06:41PM
Roxy Music should be inducted. It could happen. If the Ramones can get inducted, so can Roxy. After all, the Ramones have never moved a lot of units; like Roxy, the Ramones have only one RIAA certification to their credit (a gold record for Ramones Mania). But their influence is undeniable, and damn near immeasurable.

On those same grounds, Kraftwerk should be inducted ... although I doubt it'll happen. A Control-like movie isn't likely to be made about the synth-pop pioneers any time soon. Not nearly enough drama in Kraftwerk's story to generate interest.

Cheap Trick should be inducted. They have been immensely popular, and their prime work holds up as well as any rock of its time. And the original quartet is still at it (albeit with Tom Petersson leaving and returning). The Hall of Fame loves a dues-payer. That's how Billy Joel, Bob Seger and John Mellencamp got in, IMO.

And I'd love to see Rush get inducted. Talk about a band that's paid its dues, weathered some bad times, and continues to earn the appreciation of its fans.

The Stooges and Gabriel both seem likely. I would say that if Peter does get inducted, though, it'll be before Genesis. I'd say The Cure seems likely too.
Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 07, 2008 07:28PM
If the RRHOF had more of an English emphasis, I could see Roxy getting in (as would T Rex and Mott the Hoople and possibly Slade). But until "Virginia Plain" starts turning up in stadiums or "Do the Strand" on car commercials, I don't see them ever having a high enough profile for what seems to be the Americentric viewpoint of whoever decides these things.

Speaking of someone whose profile was raised by a commercial, I wouldn't be surprised to see Nick Drake's name turn up on the list of nominees in the future. Hell, if Leonard Cohen could be inducted, so could Drake.
Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 07, 2008 06:53PM
Reasonable? Iggy Pop
My unreasonable vote: Link Wray. Perhaps also Junior Walker and the All-Stars.

And what made the Dave Clark Five more viable than 30 other bands of a similar caliber?

This algorithm is beyond me.

I love Eddie Cochran. But why is he in and not several others of the same ilk?

Duane Eddy? Why in? disagree.
Jann Wenner? Who-wha?

Lead Belly?
Louis Armstrong?
I understand the reasoning but I disagree.

I'm sure Meatloaf is on tap.

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Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 08, 2008 02:00AM
how about a seperate wing with honorable mention of any band or artist besides bar bands who have played for over 25-40 years .
kind of like the halls version of giving a guy a gold watch for servicesof good work in a industry.
this idea though might not be rational as there are prob over a few thousand bands that would qualify.
Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 08, 2008 03:07AM
I think the Gang of Four could eventually get in circa 2015. If enough artists keep citing them as an influence, then they could develop a Velvet-Underground style aura and get voted in for hagiographical reasons. I mean, they cant hold a candle to John Cougar and Tom Petty, but Greil Marcus mentioned them in Lipstick Traces so there must be something there. I can see the plaque now: it will be the first one in the RRHOF containing the word "semiotics". (Does the RRHOF actually have plaques?)
Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 08, 2008 03:01PM
There won't be any "breakthroughs", such as Roxy Music or Gang Of Four until a younger, smarter audience starts voting. Until then, it's amost always Sales = Importance, not Talent = Legitimacy. Still can't believe the Sex Pistols got in.

I want to know who the first "refusal" will be. Assumed The Sex Pistols, but, what the hell, they have earned it, more than almost any of the others.
Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 09, 2008 03:48PM
Weird. I thought the Pistols had shown up. Must be thinking of that future PiL reunion gig at the RHF, where they play "Albatross" for 27 minutes behind a wall of tires. As for the idea that it is a non-profit agency, try buying a beer in there and see how much "non-profit" it costs.
Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 08, 2008 03:05PM
Like my wife said, it's called the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, not the Rock & Roll Hall of Influence.

Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 08, 2008 03:34PM
Yes and no. It's not as if the Velvets, Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, Grandmaster Flash or the Ramones were ever sales juggernauts, though Patti & Flash did manage, what, one top 40 single apiece?

So there are people who've been inducted based almost entirely on influence.

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Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 09, 2008 11:29AM
If it's not about influence, then Lead Belly and Louis Armstrong and Elmore James wouldn't be in there. Additionally, the article on Rush in the new RS makes the point that Rush have been snubbed while the Dave Clark Five gets in. I'd say Rush has the "fame" thing worked out. I think it has more to do with random decision-making and school-of-fish think of the clubby little network who decides these things. It makes me sad that Van Morrison was the only living artist so far to completely snub the meaningless ceremony. (Industry prat/powerhouse/exec Robbie Robertson was glad to bring his brown nose to the ceremony to accept for Van.)

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Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 09, 2008 12:23PM
> It makes me sad that Van Morrison was the only living artist so far to completely snub
> the meaningless ceremony.

The Pistols blew off their own induction, didn't they?

Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 09, 2008 12:35PM
I stand fully and absolutely corrected; though one expects it from the Pistols as part of their "schtick."Seems less of a statement than when coming from a songwriting titan, who doesn't even bother to say "I'm not coming" to the press a gazillion times to make a big deal out of it.

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Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 09, 2008 01:31PM
I wasn't aware that Morrison had skipped his own induction, until I read your post.

I agree with you, Erik: Morrison's silence spoke louder and more strongly than the Pistols' (or rather, Rotten's) coarsely worded r.s.v.p. Wasn't trying to correct you ... let alone "fully and absolutely." Just making sure I had it straight.

Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 09, 2008 01:37PM
Morrison skipped and the world was treated to a pre-August and Everything After Counting Crows performing in his place.

I would've rather just had 15 minutes of dead air myself.
Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 09, 2008 01:39PM
Also, much respect for mentioning the feature article on Rush in RS. I have to admit, reading that article (after seeing Rush for the first time in 25 years, and seeing first-hand how strong their fan base remains) did raise my hopes that the Canadian trio may be inducted yet.

Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 09, 2008 01:53PM
Rush are there with ELP, Yes and KISS as a band I don't especially care for but think that if they're going to have this RRHOF thing that those people have a good claim to be in it.
Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 09, 2008 02:32PM
I read in Spin that Kiss basically sealed its future, vis-a-vis the possibility of being inducted, when the RRHF asked Simmons and Stanley to contribute or lend a couple of Kiss's old costumes and other items for an exhibit at the Hall.

The response? "Contribute? No. Lend? No. Sell? Perhaps."

The curators repeated the request to Kiss, pointing out, among other things, that the RRHF is a non-profit organization. Kiss's response was, in effect, "Yeah, sure it is."

Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 09, 2008 03:52PM
My wife has worked in the "non-profit" world for seven years now. Our experience is that you'll find a lot of surprisingly expensive things at most non-profits.

As for me, I've worked for at least two non-profit companies. Unfortunately, neither of 'em was designed that way. So I didn't work for either of them for very long.

Re: Predictions for the RRHF
July 11, 2008 05:05PM
How about Otis mutherfuckin' Blackwell?

The man wrote "Great Balls of Fire," "Don't Be Cruel," and "All Shook Up," to name a few. I doubt the voters care or even know about him. But it is the "Rock & Roll" hall of fame.

And how about we un-induct all of the payola fatcats put in under the non-performer category?

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