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February 22, 2004 12:14PM
if you havent heard any of the new songs by tantric, check out their player at [www.bandbuilder.com] if you like what you hear pick up the new album "after we go" on the 24th of feb.
Re: tantric
February 24, 2004 11:08AM
Spam is really annoying. I like hearing recommendations for bands just as much as anyone else, but Myimmortal's posts strongly indicate a plant from Atlantic Records or some WEA agent in general.

I very much doubt anyone who reads Trouser Press would ever care to listen to Tantric or, as listed on yout other post, Shinedown. People look to Trouser Press to discover unheralded and underappreciated bands that rarely, if ever, receive notice, NOT to read about some pathetic post-grunge/nu-metal group that no one will remember in three years.
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