Help...cant remember the band!
February 13, 2004 04:15PM
I owned a CD in the early 90's (about the time that The Breeders had the cannonball video) that got stolen from me. I'd like to buy this album again but have a few problems...1.) i can't remember the bands name, 2.) i cant remember the album name and 3.) i cant remeber any of the song

Here's what I do know....there was a woman that sang some of the songs and so did a man. The band was not known and I do not think they had a video. I heard of the band in a review in either rolling stone (im pretty sure it was) or details magazines. The review talked about them having a Sonic Youth sound. One of the songs, or even the album title, had to do with a birthday cake, and it had lyrics something like "sixteen, sixteen, sixteen layer cake" which was the last line of one of the songs and the number maybe different. I do remember the layer cake part and that the song counted up higher in each chorus.

I think it was a band named Breathe that was in the early 90's...but all i can find is stuff about a recent band called Breathe.

Can anyone help me remember the band and album??
Re: Help...cant remember the band!
February 13, 2004 04:26PM

The album is Perfect Teeth. Released on 4ad/teenbeat. '93.
Re: Help...cant remember the band!
February 13, 2004 09:38PM
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