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2008 gee you're great!

2008 gee you're great!
February 15, 2008 04:43AM
That's right Bob, the hot political discussions these days center exactly on the very same things people would just rather forget.

On the one hand you have senator (holy shit i thought this guy died two or three wars ago!) John McLame.
John McLaim.
We'll get back to him inna minute but rather (fuck you DAN RATHER) let us turn our attention to immigration instead.
NAFTA is a fact jack.
For the record, Mexicanos are me amigos.

I have Puerto Rican friends too. Many Latinos I know.
We work very hard, together. Because we know that one day we will outnumber you.

Tear down that wall Mr. bushcheney911comissionconspiracyonbehalfofthevictimscommiteecommiebastardpatriotactfascitdictatorofthenewcenturypaulwolfowitzjimbakerpearlharborletsnotforgetmarvinbush&building#7sneakOSAMABINLADENFAMILYMEMBERSFLYFORFREE!fundraiser.tunein@sixandeleven.
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