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Re: love tractor's black hole

love tractor's black hole
March 21, 2005 03:03AM
have you listened to it?
Re: love tractor's black hole
March 21, 2005 03:23AM
No. Is it good?
love tractor sxsw
March 21, 2005 02:07PM
it was a good show last thursday.

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Re: love tractor's black hole
March 21, 2005 03:37PM
Love Tractor are still around??
Re: love tractor's black hole
March 21, 2005 05:47PM
- new album.

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Re: love tractor's black hole
March 21, 2005 10:54PM
I loved Tractor back in the "Around the Bend" days, but mostly lost interest when they started singing too much. A few months ago though, I picked up a used copy of the record from a few years ago ("The Sky at Night") and thought it was surprisingly good. Reminded me a lot of late-era Pell Mell actually. I'll be interested to hear the new one.
Re: love tractor's black hole
March 22, 2005 02:46AM
this is a great, rock-out album.

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Re: love tractor's black hole
April 09, 2005 02:14PM
i'd love your impression of the sxsw show. it was a weird evening wrought with too much travel and not enough time to get it together....show number two. we had a blast playing though the set was seriously reduced due to time, and lot's didn't get played. what's your thought?

Tom Lewis
Athens, GA
Re: love tractor's black hole
April 12, 2005 04:17AM
sxsw shows are rarely enjoyable because of the 50min set; as my friend lisa says about a phone conversation, that is just when it is starting to get good! however, people who had never heard of you before really enjoyed your show and understood the general frustrations you were up against so zero complaints and much appreciation to the point of inspiration were reports i heard. i thought the factor of not knowing what to expect from you made everyone pay attention and you were able to keep at least a good chunk of the audience alertly listening up throughout the gig. the sound appeared to have all instruments upfront and clear which made a song interesting and vivacious(?) since you all contribute worthwhile, ingenius playing. another appealing part is the no egos quality that came across from you band members (by the way, i'm trying to be critical but may just be skimming the surface) which directs emphasis on the song. i personally liked the intermingling of styles because it came across as natural in order to express certain ideas/states of beingness as opposed to contrived, eg: we gotta entertain a cross section with a vareity of 'schools' of music. what else; well you didn't snob people if they danced inappropriately, ie along to electric chair themes, because of a failure to catch the meaning of the piece. on the other hand, like the general air of your material, there existed an air of acceptability for an audience member to do whatever in relation to the the music's effect (a few needless words this long paragraph but i'm grasping for coherent descriptions at what is a late hour for me and i still have to do laundry). there was a lingering, positive impression after the show that put us a bit in a satisfying digestive mode about what just happened. it was apparent you worked hard on the material; in turn the audience sensed your enjoyable focus on the performance and benefitted from it, too, which usually leads to earned aknowledgement for a band.
mike the manager of swamp sauce was one of the impressed. if i can get in touch with him which i haven't been able to do, i'll ask him to give you a more concrete view of the show (he was much more sober than i was).
just a hint, i strongly recommend going by barton springs at night and wish i had drawn you a map to the swim hole since such a hotel detour meant mere miniscule minutes.
your original question is what is my thought - singular. thought is you set out to do what you planned to do which is a very good sxsw show.
good luck - congrats - keep the act together!
Re: love tractor's black hole
April 12, 2005 11:15AM
i remember sitting in the front of the lava talking with you after the magnapop show on the bench opposite the front bar, and i remember the advice about barton springs and next time maybe it won't be so cold! my email should show up on this thread, send me an email. good to hear from you carmen.

i'll pass on the thoughts on the show. be well!

tom lewis
Re: love tractor's black hole
May 16, 2005 04:47PM
I just bought Black Hole. Though I saw Love Tractor 20 years ago and liked them then (they let me sing Wild Thing on stage with them!) my interest was rekindled by the SWSX show back in March.

It was a great show in a cool outdoor "slot". I talked with a self-proclaimed "drunk" who had flown in from Athens GA that day following the band. Seems there is a bit of a connection between Athens and Georgia, or there was.

I can't believe anyone hasn't mentioned the similarities between Mike Richmond's voice and early Neil Young / Buffulo Springfield, btw...

Anyway, there was something very special about that show, besides the fact that I saw someone I hadn't seen since the days of Slacker ('91).

They are a solid band. They are fun. They are danceable. I know they would hate this comparison, but they reminded me of Phish, but without the "missed the Dead" jamband stigma. No, they are post-punk, post-industrial, post-dance, post-cyber monkeys.

Something else- they are sensitve individuals surrounded by knives and guns on one side and black holes on the other. Gee I feel the same. Something very timely about their work.

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