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PUNKS and PROVOCATEURS- Band identification help

PUNKS and PROVOCATEURS- Band identification help
February 23, 2005 05:06AM
I am having an upcoming photo exhibit, PUNKS and PROVOCATEURS, and need help identifying several bands from the 80s. Four are presently on my blog at these links-


Thanks for the help! Only a couple on the above page aren't confirmed yet. Anyone recognize Toxic Reasons?


Is the last band on this page possibly Battered Wives? I can't find a photo on the web to check them against.

As I continue to print, I will undoubtedly hit this snag again as my files are in disorder!

Any help is appreciated!

Please visit the PUNKS and PROVOCATEURS Blog (or better yet, come to the Exhibit in Montreal this April!)- A music photographer since 1976, this is a retrospective of my work- over 150 photos and text will be published on the blog by April 1, 05. The BLOG address is [rebelrebelle.blogspot.com]
The home site with info is

My music site (apart from this project) is [www.indyfoto.com]
Linda (aka Dawn One)

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Re: PUNKS and PROVOCATEURS- Band identification help
February 23, 2005 09:02PM
from my montreal friend crawdaddy simon

So the word so far is that the goth band might be Sex Gang Children and the Montreal band at Cargo would be the Asexuals (it's true the singer does look like Kastner pre-dreadlocks).

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