The Jam: advert in Trouser Press following final US tour?
January 20, 2005 11:32PM
I seem to recall an ad that ran in Trouser Press shortly after the end of the Jam's North American tour in 1982. As I recall, it basically said something along the lines of "thanks to all our American and Canadian fans who turned out for the gigs -- hopefully we'll be back to visit more cities soon." As it turned out, of course, Paul Weller made the decision to break up the band shortly after returning to the UK, and so of course that American tour turned out to be their last.

I'm writing liner notes for an upcoming Jam compilation, and I'm considering including this anecdote -- but I want to make sure I've got the details right. Can anyone confirm that this ad did, in fact, run in Trouser Press? The tour ended in early June 1982, and the official announcement of their breakup came at the very end of October, so that would pretty much narrow it down to issues 75-78. Thanks for any help!

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