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Trouser Press

Discussion of any and all music covered by the Trouser Press guides and trouserpress.com 
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Help??? Cant remember band name!!!

by eraseandrewind
2 03/26/2004 08:42PM
Last Post by Paganizer

Todd Rundgren's Induction to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Petition!

by bobcerm5
1 03/25/2004 06:30PM
Last Post by bobcerm5

Best Indie/Alternative songs to Dance to

by xtravaluemeal
2 03/24/2004 02:23AM
Last Post by Paganizer

They Might Be Giants idiots

by MrFab
2 03/17/2004 03:57AM
Last Post by ira

80's psychedelic video id

by Elephant!
1 03/14/2004 08:15PM
Last Post by Elephant!

New edition of TP record guide

by kev
3 03/11/2004 08:07PM
Last Post by kev

WANTED - Pearl Harbour "Pearls Galore" LP 1984

by Max
1 03/06/2004 10:10PM
Last Post by Max


by ira
2 03/04/2004 04:51AM
Last Post by Elephant!

Inflatable Boy Clams

by Brooks
2 03/03/2004 06:47AM
Last Post by Brooks

The excitable Randall Newman!

by lovebugntickles
1 02/25/2004 12:53AM
Last Post by lovebugntickles

Attn: Punk rock fans

by nice canine lad
1 02/24/2004 04:09PM
Last Post by nice canine lad


by myimmortal
2 02/24/2004 11:08AM
Last Post by Jack Hoffman

Embarrassment Thanks

by blasmo
1 02/24/2004 02:24AM
Last Post by blasmo

Great game for new band Obi

by Kath
1 02/19/2004 03:46PM
Last Post by Kath


by ira
2 02/14/2004 04:28AM
Last Post by erik

Music Trading

by Dub EMC
5 02/13/2004 10:13PM
Last Post by DadaDesigner

Help...cant remember the band!

by opiate
3 02/13/2004 09:38PM
Last Post by opiate

Trouser Press All-Time Greatest Guitarists List

by bubbbabeernuts
3 02/11/2004 05:33AM
Last Post by johnnygyno


by ira
7 02/10/2004 02:56AM
Last Post by Butterfly Suicide

Bram Tchaikovsky

by markymark
2 02/09/2004 05:52AM
Last Post by jonny

Crass L.P's to sell

by Mark_Bevan
2 02/06/2004 05:28PM
Last Post by ira

any ideas?

by krankyone@hotmail.com
1 01/29/2004 03:08AM
Last Post by krankyone@hotmail.com

morning and pills

by meow
1 01/27/2004 02:04AM
Last Post by meow

Looking for Music

by janemiller
10 01/22/2004 05:09PM
Last Post by Heff

After The Fire - Friends Reunion

by mickfarrar
1 01/16/2004 05:39PM
Last Post by mickfarrar

Little Bo Bitch

by ira
2 01/13/2004 03:45PM
Last Post by jon harrison

zip code rapists

by jay d
3 01/13/2004 03:39AM
Last Post by jay d

Lucy Show Undone

by Pamelacn2
1 01/02/2004 11:40PM
Last Post by Pamelacn2


by ira
1 12/31/2003 09:25PM
Last Post by ira

lyrics to "land of the glass pinecones" by hsr

by slam
2 12/16/2003 06:11PM
Last Post by rhettlawrence