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Trouser Press

Discussion of any and all music covered by the Trouser Press guides and trouserpress.com 
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Producer Heroes (and Villians)

by mats84
17 09/10/2005 11:37PM
Last Post by STEVE

TP 99 in Brooklyn - 8/20/05

by ira
10 09/08/2005 02:01AM
Last Post by ira

NO update

by michael baker
3 09/04/2005 12:26PM
Last Post by josefina

Malcolm Mclaren HELP ME

by daisy
9 09/03/2005 04:50PM
Last Post by Paganizer

R.L. Burnside R.I.P.

by jglauner
2 09/02/2005 04:58PM
Last Post by zwirnm

led zep for kiddos

by josefina
3 09/01/2005 11:45PM
Last Post by Matt

[NYC] shoegazer, electronica, folk-pop, post-punk @ TRASH 9.19

by chthonic streams
1 08/31/2005 05:35PM
Last Post by chthonic streams

Cake Kitchen....

by JudeOne
1 08/30/2005 01:46PM
Last Post by JudeOne

an ideal gig topic

by josefina
11 08/28/2005 02:41AM
Last Post by breno

dont you just love it

5 08/28/2005 02:38AM
Last Post by breno

Aha! (or Duh!) moments

by breno
26 08/27/2005 03:26PM
Last Post by breno

Favorite critical head-scratchers

by Delvin
44 08/27/2005 06:12AM
Last Post by STEVE

tommy stinson album

by josefina
4 08/23/2005 11:01PM
Last Post by mats84

Pub rock

by brightspark
4 08/23/2005 02:13PM
Last Post by cbtaco19

Don't Tell Anybody!

by Paganizer
36 08/21/2005 08:11PM
Last Post by skook

last time

by michael baker
2 08/21/2005 02:08AM
Last Post by josefina


by ira
105 08/20/2005 05:20PM
Last Post by erikalbany

Randy Biscuit Turner--R.I.P.

by MrAl
3 08/20/2005 12:22PM
Last Post by ira

in a way by peter frampton

1 08/20/2005 05:55AM
Last Post by STEVE

Best album lead-off track

by breno
25 08/19/2005 03:06AM
Last Post by Floyd Eberhard

no dancing allowed

by michael baker
4 08/17/2005 01:57AM
Last Post by jglauner

jazz,indie,avant,psych,avant bootlegs trading

by franz
1 08/15/2005 06:00PM
Last Post by franz

Rock Video Monthly Track Listings

by Elephant!
1 08/15/2005 01:37AM
Last Post by Elephant!

Looking for music collectors.....

by musicollect
1 08/14/2005 12:54AM
Last Post by musicollect

Don't Shake Me Lucifer lyrics

by xtina
1 08/13/2005 12:21PM
Last Post by xtina

well i never

by dogbottomley
1 08/13/2005 09:03AM
Last Post by dogbottomley


1 08/12/2005 05:25PM
Last Post by GLAMROCKER73

Elvis Costello Movies

by breno
6 08/11/2005 01:15PM
Last Post by madisdadi

Reunion shows/tours

by Delvin
29 08/10/2005 10:39PM
Last Post by Stephen M.H. Braitman

Devo & William S. Burroughs

by Stuart Gardner
10 08/10/2005 10:50AM
Last Post by michael baker