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 Kim Rancourt
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   10-10-17 21:57

This is one of those TP reviews I've perused many times, but nothing about it has ever moved me to check out the music. Not sure why. Thus When People Were Shorter and Lived Near the Water has remained a name I recognize but whose music I've never heard.

Recently someone sent me a copy of WPWSaLNtW singer Kim Rancourt's solo album Plum Plum. I almost dismissed it completely. But the band that backs Rancourt on it is stellar - Gary Lucas from the Magic Band (and his own solo career, with which I'm more familiar than his Beefheart work), Don Fleming from the Velvet Monkeys etc., Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth and (get this) Joe Bouchard from Blue Oyster Cult. I almost tossed this in my discard pile tonight, but one more look at the credits made me think: gotta hear it at least once. And it's not bad. Kind of a garage rock record with a ranting poet, though some of the tunes let the band stretch out a bit. I don't know if I'll hold onto it or if it'll be one of those disks good for 2-3 listens, then off it goes, with Spotify as a backup in case I really want to hear it again. But listening to Lucas and Fleming lock hazy psychedelic horns on "Three Dimes" is almost worth it in and of itself.

Anybody familiar with any of this guy's other work?

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 Re: Kim Rancourt
Author: breno 
Date:   10-11-17 08:39

When People Were Shorter... are one of those bands from the late80s/early 90s that I wrote off on the basis of one crappy track and never bothered to track down anything else by.

The one track I speak of was their rendition of "I Believe" on the Surprise Your Pig tribute to REM. To be fair, none of the participants on that album did themselves any favors in terms of gaining possible new fans, but When People Were Shorter stick out in my mind as having garnered the strongest "Fuck you" reaction from me, though I no longer have any inkling what their version of "I Believe" sounded like. Hell, I might like it if I heard it now.

But I'm not curious enough to make any more of an effort to track it down than to look on Spotify, where their only track available is from a Donovan tribute album, which I am also not curious enough to listen to.

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