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 How Many Book Reading Reviews Have We Had On This Board?
Author: MrFab 
Date:   10-09-17 18:04

Eh..EH?! Well, here's one:

At The Last Bookstore, downtown LA, Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks (and Black Flag, OFF!, Midget Handjob, etc) was an amusing raconteur reading from his memoirs "My Damage." One memorable passage concerned the incestuous nature of the LA punk scene, with members quitting one band, taking their material to another band, then their previous band gets pissed because "their" song is now being played, albeit in an often different form, by another band. So you had Flag, Circle Jerks, Angry Samoans, Bad Religion all beefin' with one another. So much for scene unity, eh?

On the sofa behind Morris was Terry Graham (drummer for Gun Club, and The Bags) waiting to read from his book, "Punk Like Me," when his phone went off. Rather then silence it, he looked to see who was calling, and took the call! An interrupted Morris looked behind and said: this is like all those announcements they make before movies to TURN DOWN YOUR RINGER. Graham said: "It's Frank Agnew (of the Adolescents)." Oh WELL now (audience is chuckling). Morris said, put him on speaker, which Graham did and Morris then held the phone up to the mic so all could hear. "You just interrupted my reading!"

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