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 R.I.P. Holger Czukay
Author: breno 
Date:   09-05-17 21:32


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 Re: R.I.P. Holger Czukay
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   09-05-17 21:45

Well, hell. Another pioneer gone.

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 Re: R.I.P. Holger Czukay
Author: Post-Punk Monk 
Date:   09-06-17 08:20

Talk about pioneer. He scooped Eno + Bryne to the "found vocals" album over a year before "My Life In The Bush of Ghosts" was recorded with "Movies." But as Bowie proved, being second to market often works to one's advantage. I need more Can in my Record Cell; this much is true.

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 Re: R.I.P. Holger Czukay
Author: breno 
Date:   09-06-17 11:12

Interesting that "the band" made a statement about his passing, given that the band now consists only of Irmin Schmidt, plus the two on-again/off-again vocalists (and Rosko Gee, I guess, but I don't really count him as a member). Sadly, there's not really a band left to be making comments.

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 Re: R.I.P. Holger Czukay
Author: upper90 
Date:   09-06-17 12:15

I knew about Can but did not really discover Can until I bought a killer little compilation CD from the Grey Area of Mute called the Tyranny of the Beat in the early 90's. It had the song Oh Yeah on it, I absolutely love that tune. So funky and strange. So I found a few of their albums and got tuned in. Tago Mago is probably my favorite overall, he certainly was a pioneer.

That compilation had some good stuff on it. Here is a link to learn a bit about it if you don't have it

The Boys Next Door song Shivers is also a personal favorite. Nick gives it an edge I don't think the song composer intended.

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