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 TP Songs For Tony Bennett To Sing
Author: MrFab 
Date:   08-24-17 17:20

Even after all these decades, alt rock is still sitting at the kid's table, not really part of the music mainstream. But I realized ages ago that Husker Du's "Green Eyes" is really a finger-snappin' pop tune all gussied up with noise guitars. It could - and should - be a standard, so ol' Tony doesn't have to keep singing "New York New York" or "Mack The Knife" for the bazillionth time. There's GOT to be a wealth of 'new standards' (if that isn't an oxymoron) in the vast TP treasure trove that any jazz/pop singer could handle, but are being ignored. Heck Diana Krall is married to Elvis Costello now, so what's her excuse?

Apart from 'Green Eyes,' howzabout:

Replacement "Androgynous" (hmmm, lyrics might be an issue)
Talking Heads "This Must Be The Place"
VU "Pale Blue Eyes", "Afterhours"
Ultravox "Vienna" (those horrible Broadway/VH1 "divas" would have a field day with this one! I know, we'd hate it, but it would mean some coin to Ultravox)
Julee Cruise
The Cure "Love Cats"
Psychedelic Furs "Love My Way"

Bowie's such a crooner there must be any number of songs that could be covered. Unless Babs' version of "Life on Mars" soured everyone on that idea.

If Michael Buble is reading this: you're welcome.

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 Re: TP Songs For Tony Bennett To Sing
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   08-24-17 17:24

I'd think the 80s gaggle of "sophisti-pop" or whatever bands would have a treasure trove of stuff for Bennett and his ilk: Prefab Sprout, China Crisis, Danny Wilson, Trashcan Sinatras, Everything But the Girl, etc.

The 'aughties band Cousteau actually crossed over into crooner world (some might say they were already there) with the song "Peculiarly You" - that song would fit right in to some lounge singer's repertoire.

And hey, what about late 60s Scott Walker?

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 Re: TP Songs For Tony Bennett To Sing
Author: mats84 
Date:   08-24-17 17:36

The Replacements "Nightclub Jitters" is almost too perfect for him....

He'd do knockout versions of ABC's "The Look Of Love" and Howard Jones "No One Is To Blame"

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 Re: TP Songs For Tony Bennett To Sing
Author: HollowbodyKay 
Date:   08-24-17 20:23


Replacement "Androgynous"

I beg to differ. "Nightclub Jitters" would be the perfect 'Mats tune for Bennett.

Addendum: Looks like mats84 beat me to the punch on this one.


VU "Pale Blue Eyes", "Afterhours"

"After Hours" would be good ... but I prefer to imagine "Sunday Morning" recast in a jazz arrangement.


Ultravox "Vienna"

I'm one of those unrepentant heathens for whom Ultravox has always done little or nothing. I'd advise Mr. Bennett to look elsewhere.


The Cure "Love Cats"

"10:15 Saturday Night" might be a more interesting option. Imagine how poppin' the upright bass solo could be.


Psychedelic Furs "Love My Way"

How about "All That Money Wants" instead?


Here are my suggestions, Mr. Bennett:

"Chumming The Ocean" - Archers Of Loaf
"Dark Globe" - Syd Barrett
"When I Win The Lottery" - Camper Van Beethoven
"The Moon" - Cat Power
"Heavenly Pop Hit" - The Chills
"Me Singing" - Julian Cope
"Way To End The Day" - Giant Sand
"You Just Have To Be Crazy" - Grant Lee Buffalo
"Falling Leaves" - Robyn Hitchcoock
"I Don't Know Why I Love You" - The House of Love
"Who Loves You Now?" - The Jazz Butcher
"True Love Will Find You In The End" - Daniel Johnston
"Writing The Book Of Last Pages" - Let's Active
"So Alive" - Love & Rockets
"A Kiss From An Old Flame" - Mercury Rev
"Holding Back The Years" - Simply Red
"Bluebird" - St. Johnny
"Straight To The Top" - Tom Waits


They're (sadly) not in the TP, but I'd love to hear a jazzy take on "An Hour Before The Light" by The Clientele.

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 Re: TP Songs For Tony Bennett To Sing
Author: BCE 
Date:   08-24-17 21:37

What about the Husker Du baby song? And speaking of baby songs, any of They Might Be Giants' kids music phase would sound AWESOME covered by Tony Bennett.

He would absolutely nail Paul Kelly & The Messengers' "Before Too Long" and Jim Carroll Band's "People Who Died."

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 Re: TP Songs For Tony Bennett To Sing
Author: Aitch 
Date:   08-24-17 23:34

Too Like You - Money Mark

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