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 Has Iggy's Career Popped?
Author: MrFab 
Date:   07-28-17 18:06

That's what I've heard - that his latest, "Post-Pop Depression," will be his last release. And the final track does have him pretty much telling everyone to fuck off. Sounds like a resignation letter to me.

If so, it's an unexpected way to go out - neither crooning the standards nor Stooge-y screaming (his two fave styles in recent years) but a return to his '70s Bowie era. Whatdoyaknow, some new New Wave! "American Valhalla' even swipes the bass synth groove of Gary Numan's "Metal." Whether it's as good as those albums, i can't tell yet, having only heard it 1 and a half times. But the tune they've been pushing, "Gardenia," is an instant standout. Nothing else has really stuck with me yet.

I realize now that I haven't heard anything he's done between his '80s work and the Stooges comeback. If he really is retiring, guess I got time to start checking it all out.

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 Re: Has Iggy's Career Popped?
Author: mats84 
Date:   07-28-17 22:21

I know he's talked about it in interviews and stuff but I thought he was just "circling the idea" and not calling it a day but I could be wrong.......its hard to picture retirement and Iggy in my mind.

It's a good record though and hints at some other stuff in it that he could pursue like Chocolate Drops so I would feel kind of bummed if there wasn't more coming from Iggy.

Still if he did wrap it up you're talking a half dozen or more great records, a live tsunami of the Rock and Roll spirit incarnate and um, the most inspired use of peanut butter of all time.

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 Re: Has Iggy's Career Popped?
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   07-28-17 23:42

My understanding has been that this may be the last record, but he's still going to perform. I could be wrong.

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 Re: Has Iggy's Career Popped?
Author: Post-Punk Monk 
Date:   07-31-17 09:00

Props to Iggy for doing it his way. If he wants to hang up his snakeskin pants, that's his decision. He owes me nothing.

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 Re: Has Iggy's Career Popped?
Author: Delvin 
Date:   07-31-17 18:11

Agree with Monk. Iggy has made it to 70, and remains far more potent than most rock performers who've reached his age. Let him go out his way. Besides, having seen him with the reunited Stooges, I feel as if I've gotten far more than enough from Iggy. He gave me more in that one show than most artists give me in a whole career. Since then, he's outlived all the other Stooges, save for James Williamson -- who's said, in so few words, that he'd rather not continue touring with him, since it seems almost like a Highlander situation.

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